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Write On is a fun writing app. Express your creative side & collect family stories

Like the famous author, Anne Lamott writes in Bird by Bird, stories are built piece by piece. With our app, you write a paragraph, someone else writes a paragraph, you jump back in with another twist, and before you know it there is a fun story in the making! Think improv for writing :) Users can build and share their stories with the entire world, privately with friends, or even collect family stories with family members and relatives. Either way, our app makes writing and collaborating fun and seamless.

I have tried almost every single no-code builder out there, and Adalo is one of the best. I love being able to translate an idea into a real app in record time. The UI is very intuitive, the database is powerful, and Adalo’s focus on easy design is obvious.  

The idea for Write On! came up on a Friday night over drinks. My friend Niroj was talking about creative ways to get his high school friend's son excited in the craft of writing, particularly in the early days of the pandemic. Niroj is an economics professor, and I am a science and business guy. With Adalo's easy interface, I was able to mock up a simple version of the app by Wednesday. Except with Adalo, the mockup was a real app. The web app and link sharing feature made our collaboration and iteration seamless. In a few weeks, we had the app on both Google Play and App Store, and users globally sharing exciting stories. Thanks Adalo!

Bikul Koirala & Niroj Bhattarai
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