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Universal Publishing without the Hassle

publish to all platforms

Publish to All Platforms

Publish to the web or to the app stores — all with the click of a button.

build in a draft environment

Build in a Draft Environment

Now with unpublished apps, you can continue building even after you’ve published.

manual publishing

Introducing Manual Publishing


Make changes to your app in the builder without your end users interacting with those changes.

Build, publish, repeat

Build, Publish, Repeat Forever

  • As the only app builder to publish on every platform, build your app once — publish it everywhere, all with the click of a couple of buttons.
  • Publish your app to a custom domain for the web, to the Apple App Store, or to the Google Play Store.

Manual Publishing to the Rescue

  • With the launch of Adalo 2.0, we’ve introduced manual publishing. You can now choose when your changes go live for the web app version of your app.
  • Publish your app & continue making edits without impacting your live app. This is a huge change & perfect to continue iterating on your user experience.
manual publishing

Easy Publishing for Any Device


Health & Wellness

News & Weather Apps

Curate the latest news or weather forecasts in your app to keep your users informed

Food & Beverage

Finance & Crypto Apps

Connect to institutional level data with the latest in stocks & crypto


Entertainment & Game Apps

Interested in the funner things in life? Connect to fictional characters or movie listings

Professional Services

Photography Apps

Connect to free photo banks like Unsplash to curate beautiful imagery in seconds!
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Should all apps be published on the web and as native apps?

We think so! Not all your customers use the same device & sometimes want to log in on their computer or mobile device. By publishing everywhere, you’re giving them the greatest opportunity for success and to utilize your app when they need it the most. With Adalo, you can build your app one time & use that exact same build to publish everywhere — it’s no more work, so why not make your app as accessible as possible?

How much does it cost to purchase a custom domain?

Most domains cost between $10 and $45 per year, although the cost can vary greatly depending on many different factors. We recommend checking out a few different domain sites to cost compare.

How much does it cost to publish to the Apple App Store?

Apple requires a developer license to publish to the Apple App Store. As of this writing, a developer license costs $99 per year.

How much does it cost to publish to the Google Play Store?

You must pay a one-time developer fee in order to publish an app on the Google Play Store. This is a one-time fee, so any subsequent apps will be free of charge to publish on the Play Store.