Bring Your Idea to Life

Without Breaking the Bank

Adalo Experiment Plan

Explore Plan

Perfect if you have an idea for an app and want to get started.
Unlimited Apps!
Publish to an Adalo domain
Adalo Branding
Limited to 50 records per app
Adalo Launch Plan

Pro Plan

Perfect if you're launching the first version of your app.
Unlimited Apps!
Publish to Apple & Google Stores
Publish to a Custom Web Domain
Connect to External Data Collections
5 GB of Data Storage
1 Seat (App Builder)
Adalo Scale Plan

Business Plan

Perfect for your team to grow, iterate, and scale your app to reach everyone!
Unlimited Apps!
Publish to Apple & Google Stores
Publish to a Custom Web Domain
Connect to External Data Collections
20 GB of Data Storage
5 Seats (App Builders)
Dedicated Account Manager
Adalo Expert Designers

Want an Expert Designer to Help You?

  • We have an incredible network of designers to help you build the app you’ve always been dreaming of.
  • No matter where you are in your journey — whether you only have an inkling of an idea or you’ve already got some visuals for your app — our designers are the perfect fit. They’ll help you design, build, test, and launch your app.
What if I need more storage?

If users on your app are sharing a ton of photos, videos, or files with each other, then at some point you might need to upgrade your app’s data storage so that you have more than 20GB that’s included in the Business plan. In that case, we’d be happy to add more storage to your account. Please contact us for pricing.

What if I need more seats?

Additional seats can be added to your account for $20/seat/mo.

Can I become an Adalo Freelance Designer?

Yes! We built Adalo from the ground up for designers to create amazing apps without coding at all. And now we work directly with designers to help them create apps — not only for themselves — but tons of other people as well. Please email us at and we'll help you get your first client!

Do you work with Agencies?

Yes! Agencies are the perfect fit for our platform. A lot of you all are already creating websites and logos for your clients but sometimes have to turn away potential leads that want to create an app because you don't have the dev resources available. Now with Adalo, your designers can also build apps for your clients. Contact us for our pricing and features!

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