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Moonifest Guides You to Set Intentions & Manifest with the Energy of the Moon

For thousands of years, women have connected with the moon to harness their intuition and align with the energy of the divine feminine. The moon is our conduit, our reminder in the night sky, to unleash the goddess and wild woman within.We all have divine masculine and divine feminine qualities within us. When balanced, it’s a 50/50 split.

But today we find ourselves in a day and age where the divine feminine is severely out of balance around the world.Moonifest provokes the reclaiming of power within each individual who honors the polarity of these energies. For those who are working to uplift the collective conscious not only for themselves, but the universe as a whole. For anyone who’s felt a tinge of magic within, but didn’t know how to work with it. For the people who know, deep down, that a goddess lays within.

Adalo made creating an app super easy. As a designer with no coding knowledge, it was incredibly intuitive to figure out. It’s the perfect tool to use if you have an idea that you want to bring to life.

Samantha Shaibani
UX Designer
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