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CovoitRunning est une application de covoiturage dédiée à la course à pied.

CovoitRunning connects runners (passengers and drivers) wanting to go to an official race or training of their choice. As a passenger, it is difficult to find a means of transport to get to a race. Train tickets are expensive, there is no carpooling or bus available. Then, when you are licensed from an athletics club, the training places are different. The carpooling between the members is organized in a hazardous way. Sharing journeys within the Covoitrunning application is my second objective. This is why I wanted to create the first sports car-pooling mobile application dedicated to running.

Translated by Google.

Grâce à Adalo, j'ai pu créer la première version de mon application sans l'aide d'un développeur. Grâce à ce MVP, je peux tester mon marché à moindre coût ! Merci Adalo et vive le NoCode !

Staphanie VAGBA
Saunté is a recipe-sharing app that makes it fun and easy to exchange recipes.
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