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The SalmonSizer catch & release fish weight calculator.

Catch and release is vital to help protect and restore salmon stocks in our rivers. However, it is difficult to accurately weigh a fish which is still alive and in the water, so Pete Owen has developed the SalmonSizer app to calculate the weight, in pounds or kilograms, as accurately as possible. Only two measurements are required, in inches or centimetres, the length and girth of your salmon. If it is not possible to measure the girth the app will approximate it for you based on an average salmon girth. The SalmonSizer app is quick and easy to use, will assist with catch records and give some credence to all of those great fishing stories!

I have been creating and publishing mobile device apps for some time now but as a non-coding graphic designer I have had to battle with programmers, prototype systems that appear to mean nothing to programmers and hugely expensive mobile publishing platforms. So after a long and sometimes painful search to find Adalo has been a revelation! I can do everything myself!

Pete Owen
Fishing Knots
Clear, step-by-step tying instructions for 12 totally essential fishing knots.
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