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Joy Blossom

Meditate on the go, connect with self & nature, plant trees for mindful minutes

Joy Blossom offers users a different approach to a happier life by using time-tested tools such as meditation and journaling in innovative ways, so they can experience more positivity and better relationships. Its integrates meditation into everyday tasks, so that users can build new habits that lead them to be more present and happy, and it uses formal sitting meditations and journaling to build a kinder and more caring way of understanding and relating to oneself and the world.

Joy Blossom does this by offering five different but complementary ways to grow happiness (and joy): Mindful Living meditations that are designed to bring awareness, appreciation and joy into everyday tasks such as doing the dishes, the laundry or waiting. Meditation courses that guide users to meditate to connect, understand and appreciate themselves, others and nature in ever new ways. They help them to be more aware and to enjoy the wonders of life from different perspectives, so that users can build new neural pathways of perceiving and being in the world, leading them to be happier and healthier as well as in tune with the environment.

Journaling guides users to reflect and analyze, so they become aware of how they think, what goals they have, who they want to be and how to get there, as well as how they are connected to everyone and everything else in the world - and even in the universe. Articles expand on many of the themes that are touched upon in the meditations and journaling, giving users the scientific background and research that prove the influence the practices can have on their life.

The Timer gives users a possibility to follow their own practice, to deepen any principles they already tried or to continue with their established meditation practice while still planting trees.

So users can feel that taking care of themselves has a direct effect on the planet, Joy Blossom has teamed up with a number of environmental charities that plant a tree for every 2.5 hours meditated. Users choose a charity, become a premium member and Joy Blossom direct the funds so trees are planted.

Creating the Joy Blossom app on Adalo allowed us to build everything ourselves very cost-efficiently and without having a developer background while allowing us a lot of creative freedom.

Dorothea Halbe
This app is ordering food for eat-in.
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