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Our App is for blue-collar and entry-level workers in India.

Blue-collar & Entry-level job sector is totally unorganized and constitutes 90% of the jobs in India. Yet, there isn't a unique solution to provide them with a platform for people from this sector wherein the literacy rate is much low. Our App is one such platform that we have built to take employment opportunities to a ~20% of the job seekers in this sector.

Adalo is the best #nocode platform that we could think off for anyone who wanted to get their ideas out to the market quickly. From drawing board to release, it just took us 3 weeks. All we want to say to other creators is - "Just get on board and built your dream app. Adalo has everything for You"

Bala Sundararajan
Koh Tao Dive Site Reports
Divers can report the water conditions and sightings for their scuba dive.
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