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Never Overpay for Booze Again

Too much liquor is priced 3x what it should be by the time you buy it. BoozApp stops the trend by revealing the actual MSRP, average shelf price, and the crowd-sourced Fair Price™ of any bottle in your local liquor store so you never get robbed again.

We started as two non-technical cofounders, and knew we weren't going to have the funds to pay for a development team. Adalo was one of several no-code tools we used to build and app, but the only one that made it so downright easy, we built the bulk of our app in a single day.Since then I've shared Adalo with many other aspiring creators just looking for an outlet for their creativity. Adalo is empowerment, and revolutionizing app building in the same way that WordPress revolutionized website building.

Scott Manning
Waze for your career.
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