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ABO Manager

Support for ABO (Amway Business Owner) to manage their business activity

ABO manager is managing tool for ABO in Korea.

Main functions are booking a meeting with customer, recording business activity; meeting contents & solving items, checking past solving records and remaining using periods for re-selling Amway items.

In Korea, Amway doesn't publish an official business tool, so many ABO manage their customer and business activity through a traditional way; using paper or some mobile app which doesn't profit on their purpose. I found this problem through one of my friends and developed and published this app to help him.

The first time I searched and checked several no-code tools but many tools were hard to learn or had low functions.
Adalo is easy to use and it's GUI is familiar with the other UI/UX tools; Adobe XD, Figma and etc. Adalo's functions continually develop and update, so the usability for creators is always increasing. If you don't know any programming code and it's hard to learn, just try to use Adalo.

Mark Choi
Adalo Expert
Preparing for the New Hiring Era
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