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GIG UP is a Safe Way for Fans and Music Artists to Connect and Interact Live

- Artists, fans and venues - Allows fans to find gigs and events via our gig guide, interacts with artists live either at a gig, event or a live stream. Fans can send shout outs to the artist, request songs and even send digital tips.- Allows artists to grow a larger and more interactive fan base than any other platform offers. Artists have the choice of offering free or paid streams and receive requests and tips during the gig/event. Artist can also re target fans the following day with personalize thank you emails to all fans.- The app was designed and built to support artists and make music live again for both artists and fans post during and post COVID

How I turned an idea into a product literally in 48 hours.Adalo is the most responsive and agile product on the market. I have tried all of the available no-code sites but none compare to Adalo.

Hugh Campbell
Maker - Jobs
Our App is for blue-collar and entry-level workers in India.
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