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A powerful study aid that helps you remember difficult lists and concepts

Mnemonics is for students and those learning difficult concepts. We often struggle while learning new and abstract concepts. Mnemonics is a time tested way to learn those concepts by incorporating them in memorable and often funny sentences. The mnemonics app helps in that process by providing you a large selection of those mnemonics to help you study anything from Chemistry to History. Students can learn using the rebuilt mnemonics or create their own and have it all stored in one place.

We have been exploring no-code tools for almost a decade now and finally, in Adalo we have found something that truly lets you create without boundaries. The database is powerful, product evolution has been impressive, and UI components are beautiful.

Almost every no-code tool so far has been a drag and drop builder with very rigid boundaries, but Adalo has taken it a step further by letting you become a drag and drop programmer. For anyone wanting to give it a try, we found it very useful to have an idea in mind to test out and recommend the same for others as well. Learning a new tool with a specific application in mind is a great way to dive in and stay engaged.

Huge Thanks to everyone at Adalo!

Bikul & Praweg Koirala
An app where soccer fans can create a room to talk about soccer.
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