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We needed a solution for a covid safe fundraiser for our school, after most of our fundraising events have had to be cancelled. We used a similar model to the 'spelling bee' and instead capped it at 5 acts/child for $5 an act - encouraging a paying forward concept for the act of kindness. Children are encouraged to share each act with a photo or drawing to show their class, and the greater school, their creative ideas for spreading kindness. It also allowed us to give our school sponsors brand exposure, which again had been restricted due to no events. By creating our own PWA it meant we could limit who the link was shared with in an aim to protect the kids in a digital environment, and ensure the parents kept an eye on everything through their phone.


As a creative, and with no programming knowledge, Adalo has made the process of creating an app so simple and easy, and I find the logic is so much more in line with my creative way of thinking. The relationship logic is simple and the language is straight forward (not programming jargon). I had tried 4 other no-code platforms prior and nothing even comes close.

Brooke Dunlop
Chapter helps you find your next favorite book, and build a reading habit.
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