Announcements & Notifications Feature Template

Maximize Engagement with Announcements & Notifications

Any business can benefit from direct access to their customers through push notifications

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Notifications Don’t Go Unnoticed

Push Alerts to Your Customers' Phones Image

Quickly Grab Attention

Right where your customers are most engaged — their phones!

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Tailor Messages

Send messages to all or some of your users, so its easy to create relevant messages

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Level-up Your Customer Experience


Alert customers when something important is happening so they never miss out

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Increase Engagement with Your Company

By creating thoughtful and relevant messages to send to your users, you can increase the engagement they have with your company. This engagement leads to more purchases, more involvement in events, and higher customer loyalty.

Enjoy Greater Customer Retention

Quickly grab the attention of your users through push notifications — which appear on the home screen of their phones! Push notifications have been shown to increase retention rates by 3 to 10 times.

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Announcements & Notifications Are Important for Many Apps


Health & Wellness

News & Weather Apps

Curate the latest news or weather forecasts in your app to keep your users informed

Food & Beverage

Finance & Crypto Apps

Connect to institutional level data with the latest in stocks & crypto


Entertainment & Game Apps

Interested in the funner things in life? Connect to fictional characters or movie listings

Professional Services

Photography Apps

Connect to free photo banks like Unsplash to curate beautiful imagery in seconds!
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What is a Feature Template?

A feature template is a small set of actions, screens, components, collections, and properties that make up a very specific piece of functionality within an Adalo-made no-code app. Feature templates are smaller than what is traditionally known as a "template" and larger than a screen template. Feature templates are unique in that they can be added to an existing Adalo app and the database will be changed accordingly. Feature templates are dynamic pieces of functionality to create a responsive web or mobile app quickly.

What Kinds of Feature Templates Are There?

There is an ever-growing list of feature templates available in Adalo. From features like chat and browse to other features like purchasing and a social media feed — each template is designed to be fully responsive and customizable.

Here are some of the more popular feature templates to help create your mobile app:

User Chat Feature Template

Appointment Booking

User Profile & Account Settings

Can I Use More Than One Feature Template In an App?

Of course! Our feature templates are made to work with one another. In several of the feature templates, you'll notice they're made with the same branding in order to quickly piece together features and have an app. Even the feature templates that do not share a brand can be used together.