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Chapter helps you find your next favorite book, and build a reading habit.

In today's world of online shopping and e-books, the thrill of falling in love with a new book is somewhat lost. We built Chapter to bring back this sense of serendipity one feels while strolling the aisles at a book store.

Chapter is a new way to explore books on your phone. It's a unique recommendation engine that combines data from all of the worlds major publishers and social networks to help you discover your next great read. All of this happens via a simple, intuitive UI, which emulates browsing a stack of books at your favorite bookstore.

Chapter is different because it gets smarter over time. Every time you swipe it becomes better at recommending books that you'll love. And the more people use Chapter, the smarter it becomes—for everyone! This means that when you come back to Chapter, it will know what kinds of books you like and make better suggestions for your reading list.


My experience with Adalo has been awesome! It enabled me to implement ideas that had only existed on paper. What's most remarkable is how easy-to-use Adalo is, for a platform so powerful.
Also, I love the Adalo's openness with their feature roadmap, and awesome community support.
To all aspiring creators, I would say, do not think twice before signing up for Adalo. Adalo will let you 'move fast and break things' and have oh so much fun doing it.

Rohan & Divit Gulati
We believe everyone is an influencer.
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