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Our App is Made for our Store Locations

We created this app to get rid of other apps we were using and simplify our daily process. So far (3 months in dev) we have removed our scheduling app (when I work $399 a year) and made it so our team can view their work schedule swap shifts, view open shifts and tell management when they aren’t available. Second app we got rid of was our waiver app (waiver forever $129 a month). With the signature pad we can now gather info from logged in users and just get their signature each time they come in to play virtual reality. Saving 5 min for the customer because the app already has all their info. Beyond saving money this has simplified the way we do things because we also have our desktop app for our team. Making all this info the app bringing it viewable in one place on our desktop web app.

Keep your business ahead of the curve. With Adalo any business owner can build their own app themselves.

Daniel Perry
Business Owner
Gamer Planet Desktop
Our App is Made for our Store Locations
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