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Tracking Happiness

Learn about Happiness While Connecting with Others

This app is for any individual who is interested in tracking and learning about what makes us happy. This app is enabling users to keep a journal of the moments that one experiences throughout the day, starting from expectation of the day, every moment, and a reflection of the day. Each time a moment is tracked, users can assign a rating from 0 to 10, attach feelings, factors that influence the rating, as well as notes and images.

This app also provides personalized content to learn about happiness, we share studies done around what makes us happy and how we can improve our overall subjective experience in our lives. The intention ultimately is to help everyone using the app, that they have a companion that will help them learn about themselves and better steer the happiness in their lives.

We love Adalo because it allowed us to put together a simple but yet powerful app in the hands of user in a record time. We only spend no more than 2 months calendar time to put together the first version of the app and now users are using the app on Android, iOS and we are learning from feedback. We see Adalo as a must have tool for validating an idea.

Sebastian Pereyro
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