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Welcome to CHANT — a platform to showcase creatives’ work, goals, and interests. A confluence of those already creating and those who wish to be. We gather artists in your community, expanding opportunities and inspiring collaboration.If humans are good at one thing, it’s finding the proper tools to take their work to the next level. When we lived in caves and got hungry, we invented the spear. When we realized we liked gardening better than battling wooly mammoths, we invented the plow. Also lemonade. Also, A/C. “Making do” only makes sense for so long. At some point, it’s time to stop jury-rigging and start building the proper tool Chant is that proper tool — beautifully designed, purposeful inclusive, and specifically functional for creatives’ needs.Download Chant to build and publish your portfolio, connect with existing creative contacts, and find new collaborators in your city. Chant wants to help vibrant creative communities connect, explore, and thrive. Join us.

Adalo empowered us to turn our dream into reality. We launched our startup without knowing how to code!

Ryan Lanier
Peculiar Yogi
Booking app for yoga classes at Peculiar Yogi.
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