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Strong By Bodyweight

Fitness App for tracking bodyweight strength training workouts

This is an app for those who want to do bodyweight strength training / calisthenics workouts without the need for a gym. Bodyweight strength training is unique because in order to get stronger, you can't just add weight to a bar. Instead, you need to progress to harder exercises and increase scaling. This is where most fitness apps fall short for bodyweight strength training - they are designed only with sets, reps, and weight in mind.

With Strong by Bodyweight, you can track not only your sets, reps, and weight, but also your progression, scaling, and RPE (perceived exertion) giving you a consistent and measurable way to progress in bodyweight exercises such as handstand pushups, one arm pullups, planches, levers, and more.

This app was originally made for my own online personal training business, but I have added the ability to follow premade programs and add freestyle workouts. You can also track your weight, tape measurements, and progress photos.

Adalo allowed me to do what I thought would never be possible: create my own app! I remember looking at the cost of building an app a few years ago - $20,000 for what I wanted. Now I've built it for next to nothing.

Jason Dupree
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