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Peculiar Yogi

Booking app for yoga classes at Peculiar Yogi.

Who is your app for? Anyone who wants to book yoga classes with Peculiar Yogi, both online and offline

What does it do? Allows easy booking through an app, buy class credits, leave testimonials for instructors, etc.

What problem is your app trying to solve? Booking yoga classes on a website isn't the most convenient. So booking on an app has been what our students requested for. Also, we eventually want to build a community on the app, allowing students to interact with other students regarding yoga

We knew we wanted to build native mobile apps, but learning programming languages such as React Native or Flutter wasn't an option because we wanted to ship our app ASAP to meet the needs of our users.

After weeks of research and trying out several other no-code app builders, we decided to move ahead with Adalo because of the active community, dedicated support stuff on the forums, and the almost non-existent learning curve to building our app. It helped to have some experience with building websites, so I wouldn't say it's absolutely a tool that anyone can use, but it's pretty close.

Within a month or so, we managed to roll out alpha and beta versions of our app, get testers on both Android and iOS platforms, and eventually launch our app for our users to book classes. Currently, we have 150+ users, about 50+ active monthly users that are paying for our online classes.

We're glad that we're using Adalo to host both the backend and frontend of our app, so we can focus on retaining our students and growing our yogi base.

I've personally helped several other no-code makers with their app ideas on the forums, and that has been rewarding and helped me understand Adalo better too.

For any creator who wants to start using Adalo, I would say that the forum is your biggest resource. The best part of it all is that you can spec out your app idea, at least 60-70% of it without paying a single cent. When you're ready, you can start a pro subscription to unlock important features such as custom CNAME, custom actions, jaw-dropping ease of publishing to BOTH iOS and Android app stores, and 5GB of data storage, which is more than enough for most start-ups.

If you have any questions or doubts, just pop by the community forum - there are many helpful fellow creators and community leaders ready to assist you. Remember, the search function on the forum is gold!

Vance Wong
CovoitRunning est une application de covoiturage dédiée à la course à pied.
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