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When it comes to developing a mobile app, there was no way around it but to a) learn how to code, b) hire a mobile app development agency, or c) hire an agency. And while that helped lots of people create incredible apps and launch life-changing businesses like Uber, Instagram, and more – it also meant that the barrier of entry was pretty high.

You either had to be in the 0.1% of the world’s population that knew how to code, or you have to have a couple of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) to spare to turn that mobile app dream into a reality.

But today, your options are dramatically different when it comes to building an app. Modern technology has made it possible to build an app without writing a single line of code. It’s not that no code is involved at all, but the coding is done entirely behind the scenes.

That means for you, the app maker, you can build visually using a drag-and-drop interface. Almost like putting together a slide deck!

What is a No-code Expert?

No-code experts are people that have experience building products like websites, mobile apps, and automating tools. They can help make smart recommendations, solve problems, and add new features to your mobile app.

Similar to a freelance mobile app developer, a no-code expert needs to be knowledgeable, proactive, and familiar with the needs of your mobile app to make effective recommendations and help you build out the features that you want.

Adalo has a running program of no-code experts around the world that can help you with everything from building an app from scratch, fixing certain bugs, and revamping your app. Some of our experts have experience working in a traditional software development background, while others combine a variety of no-code tools and automations to create impressive products.

We covered some of the essentials that you need to know before working with a no-code expert in our previous blog post, and how to get the most out of your experience. Experts can help you learn more about the no-code platform you choose, can assist with app design and flow, or help you build your dream app from scratch.

All of these can be BIG advantages if you’re a no-code newbie, or if you’re an experienced maker that needs advanced support or quick assistance in time for a launch – or anyone in between! No-code experts may be independent, or may work as part of a dev shop, or a team of mobile app developers.

What About Cost, Quality, and Timelines?

Ahh – the famous triple constraint of product management. It’s often said that you can only choose two: Time, cost, or quality. Meaning if you want something fast AND cheap, you will need to compromise on quality. If you want it cheap and good quality, you won’t get it quickly. And if you want it quick and high-quality – you’ll be paying top dollar for it.

But what does that mean for you if you choose to work with a no-code expert?

While the same constraints generally apply to any kind of work, the advantage with no-code product building is that speed and quality are easier to deliver because most tools take care of that for you.

The more specific and comprehensive you can be up front, the better your chances are of a successful outcome with a no-code expert.

Working With No-code Experts to Build Mobile Apps

No-code experts are specialized

Those with expertise in no-code tools will be able to perform better since they’re familiar with the tools, tricks, and automation options. You’ll be more likely to get an application that closely matches your idea and is suited to both your needs.

No-code experts have built a solid foundation of how to get the most of app building. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of how to use no-code solutions to solve problems.

You can save on overhead expenses

An average of  $4,000 is spent on recruiting a new employee, depending on the location and the position. Those costs significantly decrease when you outsource work to a freelancer or a no-code expert that can build an app. Since remote app developers also save companies on full-time overheads, this makes it possible to pay well without breaking your budget.

No-code solutions are always going to be quicker and faster to build than building from scratch. And while the hourly rate for an expert can sometimes seem steep, the value they bring is well worth spending on. After all, it’s not just about using the most powerful tools, it’s also seeing what those tools are capable of accomplishing in the hands of an expert builder. That is precisely what you need to aim for when hiring an expert.

Ship products faster

Getting a team of developers may not always be quick, cost-effective, or practical. The next best option would be to hire an expert that has worked with teams, understands business processes, and can plug the gaps exactly as needed.

What to Expect From An Adalo Expert

If you’re working with an Adalo Expert, we do our best to keep the process easy and relaxed – but professional. You start by submitting a request, following which an Adalo Expert will contact you and arrange for a meeting to see if there’s a match. You can choose whether you need help with UI/UX, building an app, or if you need 1:1 coaching.

If you’re paired with an expert, there’s absolutely no compulsion for you to work with them – you can also set up other meetings with experts to pick the right one for you.

Our goal is to help you bring your amazing idea to life, whether you're doing it by yourself, or working with a no-code expert!

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