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For those new to the #NoCode space, and Adalo in particular, working with an Adalo Expert can be a great decision. Experts can help you learn more about our platform, assist with app design and flow, or build your dream app from scratch.  All of these can be major advantages for an Adalo newbie, an experienced maker looking for advanced technical support, or anyone in between. Experts also provide a great service for those who want the best of the best building out their big ideas! Whether freelancer or agency, all of our Experts are well versed in working with clients to accomplish their goals.  

You’ll find that some of our Experts have experience working in a traditional software development background, while others combine a variety of #NoCode tools to create end products that you'd think were developed with code! This is all to say that no two Experts are alike and they all have a different way of working through projects. However, setting expectations is an important first step and will improve your experience no matter which Expert you choose!

Here are some specific planning areas and steps to think about that will help make your experience working with an Adalo Expert a success! 

Creating Project Scope

Think about what it is you really need out of this project or relationship.  This can include everything from (but not limited to): 

  • Fully designing/building the app from an idea you’ve been pondering
  • Taking mockups/workflows you have and turning them into a functional app
  • Figuring out what features your app needs to function as you wish
  • Simply helping you polish up design of an app you’ve already built
  • Getting you over the hump within one or two places in your app (i.e. integrating your data or setting up a custom action)

The more detailed and comprehensive you can be up front, the greater chance of a successful outcome with an Expert.  Another helpful piece of info for an Expert is where you stand in your Adalo process.  Maybe you are on day 1 of your app building journey, maybe you only need help integrating one other tool, or maybe you have built a successful app but need some ongoing maintenance help. Understanding what you need, will help you find the right expert.

Business Need

Why do you or your organization need Adalo?  If you’re a start-up, think about your value statement and how you want your app to reflect that and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re a small business, think about what particular problem you are trying to solve in creating an Adalo mobile or web app. If you’re an enterprise employee, think about what you’d pitch to your boss as to why you should use Adalo to help make your life and their life easier.

Goals & Milestones

What are you trying to accomplish with your Adalo Expert? A first version MVP? A fully functioning app with all the bells and whistles? Learning more about Adalo in general? Technical assistance in setting up APIs and custom actions? Thinking through these sorts of questions will help you and your Expert immensely. Also, what are some actionable items you want to complete?  Jotting down a checklist of milestones to accomplish with the help of your Expert is a great idea. It can keep you both on track and help you measure how things are going.

“Sometimes building everything out of the gate is a bad idea. Focus on the MVP because your users will tell you what you did wrong, what you didn’t do and hopefully what you need to do!” - Anthone C from Younity Creative

Gauging a Timeline

Based off of your scope and goals, try to estimate a rough timeline as to when you think this project can be completed. If you’re way off on a timeline estimate, no worries!  An Expert will let you know as that is how they formulate their quotes.  Adalo certainly cuts down on build time compared to traditional development, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Finally, think about how many development hours you believe it would take (screens, integrations, complicated features, etc.) you to complete this project in Adalo.  Time is money, and an Expert working on your project frees you up to do other things in the time you would otherwise spend building in Adalo. 

“Having a concrete ‘to do list’ is the best way to ensure an accurate estimate. I can't tell you how long it takes to build "a mobile app", but I can estimate how long it'll take to build each feature/functionality.” - Erik from Automate Intelligently

Budget Your Project

Come with a budget in mind, but be willing to be flexible. Experts have a lot of experience in this kind of work and they know what it takes. If you think someone has quoted you high, I urge you to think about what the same project would cost you in a traditional development environment: What Does an App Cost in 2021?  If you have done the cost/benefit analysis and know you cannot spend more than a certain dollar amount, PLEASE include that in the notes. Just so you have an idea, here is what an Expert costs (on average) for the three different types of service (all in USD):

  • Design/Build Services: $82/hour (Range: $30-$200+)
  • UX/UI Services: $71/hour (Range: $30-$100+)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching: $59/hour (Range: $30-$75+)

Also, make sure to take a look at this: Time, Cost, Quality: Choose 2.  For those of you who haven’t seen something similar, the linked article is a great read for project work. 

“As an expert, I want to see you and your app succeed. I'm always willing to look for a way to help at any budget.” - Erik from Automate Intelligently

Set Expectations

Once you have communicated with your Expert, be sure you both are on the same page as far as expectations for timelines, costs, quality of work, etc.  We think it is worthwhile to set an agreement of some sort in writing, but that is up to you and your Expert. Set check-in dates, communication channels, how you will structure feedback, design choices, etc. The more organized you can be, the better.

“A lack of communication is the #1 failure point in app development. Look to leverage tools like Slack and Trello to manage your process, milestones & accountability. It will lead to a better partnership and product!” - Anthone C from Younity Creative


We strongly encourage you to form a relationship with your Expert that dives deeper than a transactional nature. Like working with a healthcare professional or a financial advisor, the better you know your Expert and vice versa, the higher likelihood you can work together effectively. As your needs in Adalo will most likely evolve, it’s best to have someone you know and trust to come back to as time moves on.

If you take the above to heart, you’ll be in for a treat! Our Experts are the best in class when it comes to building and teaching in Adalo. Make sure to check out their profiles so you can get a good feel for the type of work they do and where they excel. And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Adalo team (!

Best of luck in your journey with an Expert, we look forward to seeing the Adalo magic you all create!

PS: With no-code freelancing on the rise, creating high-quality software has never been more accessible or affordable. This paradigm shift has leveled the playing field and enabled more people and agencies to meet the growing demand for software applications. Ready to join the revolution? Head to Adalo App Academy to learn how to build apps without coding and get ahead of the curve. And if you're already experienced with no-code tools, why not monetize your skills and become an Adalo Expert? Don't miss out on the chance to shape the future of software development!

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