A Year to Remember

2020 has been one for the books — from a worldwide pandemic to lockdowns, job losses, remote work & more, there’s plenty of reasons to kiss this year good-bye and never look back.

But we also think it's important to celebrate all the good things that happened in 2020 as well. We’ve watched makers’ lives be changed through the power of no-code, businesses expand, and unleashed creativity. We’ve seen people learn, people begin projects they’ve dreamed about & people starting anew. We’ve met people in all corners of the world, in all walks of life, and with all levels of experience.

If there’s one thing that we can say about 2020, it’s that we’ve experienced the greatest blessing in being a part of your year. Adalo has changed so much this year, too — let’s take a look at what’s gone on:

Part 1
See The Month By Month Breakdown
What features do we launch each month?
What other major updates and milestones happened each month?
Part 2
See Our Total Numbers From The Year
How many Adalo Makers are there & where are you all from?
Who’s the most active Adalo Maker?
How many apps did you all make this year?


11,719 Adalo Makers
On-Demand Publishing
Other January Updates


14,224 Adalo Makers
Conditional Actions
Other February Updates


17,835 Adalo Makers
Other March Updates


24,739 Adalo Makers
#NoCodeConnectsUs Challenge
Other April Updates


46,813 Adalo Makers
The Future Is No Code eBook and Video Series
Other May Updates


62,491 Adalo Makers
Our first Two Minute Tuesdays - Custom Lists!
Other June Updates


127,952 Adalo Makers
Every Adalo App Now Has It's Own API
Other October Updates


142,549 Adalo Makers
Horizontal Is the New Vertical
Other November Updates

Over 150,000 Adalo Makers

From Almost Every Country In the World
Where’s everyone from?
How much time do you all spend in Adalo?
Most Active Maker
753,000 events logged in Adalo!
Worked on their apps 237 days of the year!
An average of 2 hours and 30 min. a day!
... and finally there were ...
Apps Built on Adalo in 2020
❤️ From the Bottom of Our Hearts