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There are many ways to build incredible apps! You can build an app yourself using our easy drag-and-drop interface, or you can hire no-code experts to build apps on Adalo. We’ve been exploring the incredible work that our in-house no-code experts, or Adalo Experts, have accomplished in our latest set of blog posts.

To get a better idea of how you can work with an Adalo Expert, here’s an interview with Connor Cedro.

Hi, my name is Connor Sedro. I operate a business called Ordec Tech. We specialize in mobile app development, particularly on Adalo. I love working in the business setting. I love going to offices and working with their customers and their employees.

How I Discovered Adalo

I wouldn't say that I'm the most technical, but I've always gravitated towards entrepreneurship. So my original thought process was to build an app-based business and find a developer. The process was quite intense with the crazy quotes from developers – they were in the range of tens of thousands of dollars, and the process was taking really long. It was very tough to even find someone to talk to.

But I really believed in the idea that I was working on. Since I couldn’t find help, the only option for me was to dive into no-code. I didn’t know much about it either, but I was passionate about building this. From then on, it was just trial and error, along with the consistent belief that this was going to work.

I spent a few months working on Adalo’s free plan, I’d work on it for a couple of hours everyday, and got pretty excited to show people my project. That was the start of my journey into freelancing. I didn’t plan on no-code, I didn’t plan on freelancing.

Adalo Sets You Up for Success as a Freelancer

Having said that, I absolutely think you can build a career on Adalo. When I began, I planned on building just one app, but the way things turned out, I was able to use that skill set to build multiple apps, so I know that it's a hundred percent possible to build a business on Adalo.

Here’s why Adalo is set up brilliantly for people looking to begin working as a freelancer: first, it’s the templates. That saves you a ton of time, and you’re able to deliver GREAT work efficiently.

The expert network is incredible as well, not only to help with your projects, but if you ever get stuck working on projects, I've got a couple of fellow experts that I can reach out to.

Next, it’s the branding. You can easily update an app with new fonts, branding colors, and logos. And finally, something that needs to be talked about more, is the legitimacy of no-code. People think it’s just for MVPs, or that if you need to build a business, you’ll need to write custom code. But I’ve had a couple of clients that have used Adalo apps to make money.

Staying organized across multiple projects can get a little challenging, but a couple of tips helped me out a lot! First of all: LISTS! I have many lists that I keep track of every single day. Many people use software for this, but I like writing stuff down because it helps me remember it.

In terms of planning work, I try to block out days. For example; I set a ‘real-estate day’, or an ‘eCommerce day’. I try to multitask as little as possible because it can get draining and confusing.

How I Approach Pricing as a No-code Expert

I think that the best way to price your work, for me at least, is based on a feature by feature basis. So the first step is that you have to have a good project scope. You have to know what you're developing for your client and the client has to know what you're developing for them.

So first off, nailing the scope is number one. That way, you can price your work based on the project and features, and how long the features will take to build. Once you set a range, you can estimate how long it will take you to complete each feature, and then decide how much to charge. It’s a bit tricky after a point with this because as you get better, you also become more efficient.

My Advice to Aspiring No-code Experts

My advice to anyone that's interested in being a freelancer on Adalo might sound a little cliche, but the root of it is passion. It’s a huge deal because being in any business is difficult, in fact, building a successful app is difficult too, so you need to love what you do.

For example, when you don't get it right on the first try, you need to be willing to see it through and keep putting in time and effort. That’s the only way to get better. Building great apps takes a lot of time and discipline.

And finally, integrity is critical. It sounds simple, but basically, doing what you say you’ll do and committing to it. When you tell a client that you will deliver a feature within a certain time frame, it means sticking to it.

My Process for Getting Leads

If you try to purchase leads through Google search ads, it’s much harder and way more expensive. Plus you’re competing with everybody everywhere. Because of Adalo’s platform and network and the way the whole thing is set up, it’s much, much easier to prove that you can create value for people.

I’ve focused on turning Adalo into my niche. I run a full-service app development business for clients on Adalo. I stick with one no-code platform rather than exploring everything else. That’s how I’ve gotten better and better at it. Once you pick a platform, stay focused on that platform and become an expert at it. You don't want to be everything for everybody.

When you have a niche, it’ll ensure that you add value to that market.

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