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Dogs are your passion. Even though you have your own pack, you’ve made taking care of other people’s dogs your life’s work. 

While business is good, there’s always room for growth. You’ve got a great social media following, but having your own doggy daycare website could supercharge your clientele. 

By building your own website, you’ll be able to bolster your brand. In this article, we’ll introduce the top three website builders for your doggy daycare business. 

Draw Up Your Layout

Before you build your doggy daycare site, you need to decide how you want your site to appear. Your site must also convince clients why you’re the right doggy daycare specialist to care for their dog. 

It’s time for a brainstorm. Grab a clean piece of paper and sketch out your site’s structure or how you want your site to appear

Next, determine your site’s aesthetics, written components, and how you want to illustrate to your clients your passion for canines. Ask yourself the following: 

  • How can I win the trust of dog owners to take care of their dogs? 
  • What is my doggy daycare business’s story?
  • What other services do I provide? 
  • How can I communicate with my customers regularly?
  • Should I showcase other organizations, like doggy adoption centers or veterinarians? 

Write down your answers to these questions. Your answers will help you convince your clients that you’re a passionate dog-lover with the ability to nurture any dog. Cesar Milan would 100% give you a standing ovation. You’ll also use these notes to help you build your site. 

Getting Started 

There’s no need to worry about the fact that you don’t know how to code. The site builders we chose all feature no-code, so you can build your site without technical knowledge. Choosing any of the following site builders will allow you to build a gorgeous and professional-looking site. 


Site Builder #1: Wix 

Wix has provided small-business owners the capacity to build their own sites for over a decade. When you start building your site with Wix, you first choose a template. You’ll be pleased to know that Wix has dedicated an entire category for Pets and Animals within their template collection. 

You can build a beautiful site in very little time using Wix’s smooth drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to upload your own photos and feature them on your site, so you can feature pictures of dogs lounging and enjoying life at your daycare You’ll find Wix’s seemingly endless amount of add-ons useful when integrating features like an online store or blog.   

Why Wix Will Make Tails Wag

  • Within its vast Pets and Animals template collection, Wix has a set of templates exclusively designed for doggy daycares
  • Wix is full of widgets, like a scheduler, contact form, and testimonial page that enable your clients to immediately access your services. They’ll love the booking widget, which lets them book a spot with the tap of the screen. 
  • You’ll be able to leverage Wix’s powerful SEO tool, which is an add-on powered by SEMrush, a multinational SEO business. This tool will help you pick the right words for your blog so more people can see your site.  
  • If you offer memberships, Wix is an excellent choice. You can include special membership features like a live video stream so clients can check on their dogs at your daycare virtually.


Wix has a Free Plan that gives you access to templates but has almost no add-ons; their Lite Plan at $16/month features add-ons; their Business Elite Program at $159/month gives you access to all add-ons and allows for live streaming. 

Site Builder #2: Squarespace 

Like Wix, Squarespace lets you leverage a smooth drag-and-drop interface to build your site. While Squarespace doesn’t have as many templates as Wix, it offers highly polished and visually appealing ones. If you value site aesthetics more than structure, Squarespace is a good option. 

Why Squarespace Will Make Tails Wag

  • Squarespace is set up for e-commerce, providing marketing and inventory management tools. You’ll be able to use this feature to manage and market available spaces for renting out. 
  • While Squarespace’s drag-and-drop interface functions a bit differently than Wix’s, most website builders consider Squarespace’s overall building experience to be even more simple
  • Instead of manually formatting your website for mobile, Squarespace does it automatically. You’ll no longer have to worry about remembering to format your site for mobile. 
  • With Squarespace, you get baked-in analytics features that will provide you with crucial information about site visitors and performance. Many other website builders (Wix Included) charge for an analytics add-on. 


Squarespace starts with a Personal Plan at $16/month when billed annually ($23/month when billed monthly). You’ll get unlimited storage and bandwidth and a free custom domain. Their Advanced Commerce Plan costs $65/month when billed annually ($65/month when billed monthly). It gives you advanced e-commerce functions and tools to help you ship products. 

Site Builder #3: Adalo 

Adalo is a solid option for building your doggy daycare site because you can do more than just build a site. You can build an app to support your site. You can make it downloadable on the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores or host it as your website. Choose a template that matches your brand from Adalo’s vast selection, and use Adalo’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to start building the perfect doggy daycare website. 

Why Adalo Will Make Tails Wag

  • Give your clients the option to book your services in advance by launching an app with a booking feature. Why not add a loyalty program for regular clients who drop their dogs off to you daily?
  • Add a messaging platform to your booking app so you can communicate directly with your clients. You’ll be able to send pics of their dogs napping after lunch or making new puppy pals at the park.
  • Create a group chat for your app. Use this to give updates about your working hours, promote new doggy-breath freshening dental bones, and let your dog-owning clientele get to know each other by posting photos or discussing the newest chew toy. Building a network of dog owners will reinforce a sense of community among your clientele, creating loyal customers who prefer the company of each other and their dogs. 
  • Send clients push notifications spreading the word about promotional periods. If your doggy daycare has a doggy salon, send a push notification to clients letting them know when to pick up their fresh-smelling pup. 
  • Let your clients pay for your services directly from your app. Adalo is integrated into major payment platforms like Square, Stripe, PayPal, and more. 


Adalo starts its pricing at $36 per month.

The Next Step: Getting The Most Out of Your Site

After you’ve built your site, link your social media account to it. Register with Google Business so you’ll appear on Google Maps, making it easy for new clients to find you

You’ll also want to start a blog and write a few articles every month. Write about Dog Health, How To Manage a Puppy’s Emotions, and Choosing the Right Dog Breed. Writing about canine-related topics will demonstrate your expertise and passion for humanity’s best friend. When clients read your articles, they’ll view you as a dog-care expert and will be more likely to book your services. 

Building a website and app will popularize your doggy daycare business and bring in more clients.

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