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The Bottom Line: GoodBarber is an excellent no-code app builder for building an e-commerce app. However, expect a few big tradeoffs. 


  • Very easy to build e-commerce apps if you want to sell a product or service.
  • Great for building out a relatively inexpensive minimum viable product (MVP) if you want to validate a concept quickly. 
  • Creates native mobile apps that you can publish in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 


  • GoodBarber can be expensive if you want to publish in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • GoodBarber offers fewer extensions and add-ons than other app builders. 
  • While the apps you can build look decent, GoodBarber has limited design freedom and little support for unique functionality. 


Get familiar with GoodBarber by delving into its free trial. Starting at $30/month, you can build a web app to sell your content or service. If you want to sell physical goods, pricing starts at $40/month.

What is GoodBarber?

If you have an app idea for selling your content, products, or services and want to build it in a New York minute, GoodBarber might be the no-code app builder for you. 

With GoodBarber, you can make progressive web apps (PWAs), which are apps that look like ones that you download to your phone, but you access them through a browser. The bonus is that GoodBarber also lets you make these into native mobile apps that you can publish on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.    

After signing up, GoodBarber is very simple to start using. You’ll choose a template that matches the type of app you want to build. The following are some template types that allow you to build diverse e-commerce apps:  

  • E-commerce
  • Delivery 
  • Restaurant 
  • Grocery 
  • Newspaper
  • Online Courses
  • Events 
  • School 
  • Faith 
  • Non-Profit
  • Services
  • Or, start from scratch 

GoodBarber’s structural and aesthetic design limitations are a big drawback if you want the freedom to create a layout to your taste. While you can easily change your color schemes and fonts, the platform doesn’t allow you to drag products, icons, or text boxes to wherever you want on your app. 

However, if you prioritize building your app quickly over its appearance, GoodBarber could be your diamond in the rough. 

Goodbarber allows you to get your e-commerce platform set up fast. While it comes preloaded with basic demo products, you can either delete them or use them as templates. Just replace the demo product names with yours, delete the demo pictures, and simply drag pictures from your desktop onto the product page. 

Write descriptions of your products, put in more photos, and even add client reviews. GoodBarber lets you optimize each product on your app for Google using its SEO tool. This can really help grow your audience by getting your app in front of a Google audience and selling more products. 

Whilst building your app, GoodBarber provides a checklist that you can open by clicking on the black question mark at the bottom left of your dashboard. The checklist will illustrate your building progress for each page of your app, which will give you an idea of how close your app is to being “publish-ready.” 

After you publish your app, GoodBarber provides solid analytics features to break down your app’s: 

  • Traffic (both iOS and Android users)
  • User Activity 
  • Individual page and product views
  • Purchases on your PWA
  • Purchases from your native mobile app

GoodBarber’s analytics tool allows you to discover your top-selling products and learn more about your audience. You’ll need to know these to successfully sell your products.  

If you have any questions, look no further than GoodBarber’s video tutorial page. This library is packed with dozens of short (no more than 3 minutes) videos teaching you how to use each function of the GoodBarber app builder. 

Support isn’t as responsive as other app-builders. Goodbarber doesn’t feature live support and requires you to fill out a lengthy form if you need assistance. They don’t immediately give an estimated time of response, either.  

GoodBarber offers tons of extensions that can enhance your app’s functionality. Here are a few I really like

  • Square Point of Sale: Connect your store directly to Square and organize your revenue streams. It will automatically synchronize your orders to your Square account, which will help simplify your bookkeeping. 
  • Local Delivery: This extension lets you define your business’s delivery radius and allows you to connect with 3rd-party delivery services if you don’t have your own delivery fleet. 
  • WordPress: The gold standard for written content creators, use your WordPress account to publish your paid content. Connect it to your GoodBarber app for easy distribution to your current subscribers and more exposure to potential subscribers.  

Goodbarber allows you to use up to 5 extensions on its versions for content stores ($30/month) and goods stores ($40/month)

Is GoodBarber Right For You? 

Goodbarber is an easy-to-use app builder, but it has a limited audience. Select GoodBarber if: 

  • You’re selling content, products, or services and just need to build an online store quickly. 
  • You’ve never built an app before and want an app builder that’s simple to use and intuitive, allowing for a smooth app-building building experience with minimal head-banging (not the kind you do at a Metallica concert).
  • You want to build a native mobile app you can publish on the app stores if you’re willing to pay for the premium version.

However, you should take a look at other app builders if:

  • You’re picky about designing your app’s structure, colors, and components. 
  • You want to publish to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but you’re on a budget. 
  • You want to build an app that doesn’t sell a product or service on an online store.  

What Kinds of Apps Can I Build With GoodBarber

Put simply, GoodBarber is the go-to app building for making any kind of online store or app for marketing products or services. 

Not only will you find it easy to create an online store, but you’ll also be able to make a portal for subscribers to access your blog or cobble together an app that features your salon services. 

While GoodBarber does provide templates for community-building apps, internal business communication apps, and a few more non-e-commerce related apps, you might feel constrained by the lack of design freedom, limited flexibility, and the relatively small number of plugins

GoodBarber Pricing: Is it Worth it?   

GoodBarber doesn’t have a free version, but it does have a useful 30-day free trial

After 30 days, you can elect to start your subscription. If you do, GoodBarber will walk you through the (long) process of publishing your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store - should you choose to run it as a native mobile app. 

Note that you can keep your app as a PWA for the minimum cost of $30/month for a content sales app and $40/month for a physical goods sales app. 

GoodBarber’s Pricing for Creating a Content Sales App 

At $30/month, GoodBarber’s Standard content plan is one of the cheapest available. But it does have limitations:  

  1. You only get up to 5 free extensions from GoodBarber’s extension store. 
  1. You can only allow authentications through a customer portal (for people to sign in and read your content). Your subscribers won’t be able to access your PWA by signing in with Google or Facebook (Meta). 
  1. You can’t publish your app in the Apple App or Google Play Store. 

Level up to GoodBarber’s $55/month Premium Version for more features. You’ll get up to 20 free extensions, authentications for an extra $12/month, and the ability to publish in both app stores. 

GoodBarber’s Pro and Agency Versions have a lot to offer at $105/month and $215/month, respectively. These allow for much more storage space, so you can release that 250-volume graphic novel that makes War and Peace look like a Twitter blurb. 

You’ll also get unlimited extensions and an account manager who will provide you with support whenever you need it. 

GoodBarber’s Pricing for Creating a Physical Goods Sales App 

Like the standard content plan, $40/month for the Standard Store App is a pretty good deal compared to other app builders. 

While it’s integrated with Stripe, Apple Pay, Mercado Pago, and PayPal, it comes with the same limitations as the Standard Content plan - only 5 free plugins per month and limited storage space. 

It also costs an additional $15/month for delivery and an extra $10/month for chasing down abandoned orders. 

For $70/month, the business version gets you a little more storage space and free deliveries. But you still have to pay an extra $10/month to chase down abandoned orders. 

The physical goods sales app builder also has Pro and Agency versions, but at $140/month and $290/month, respectively. You’ll get to chase down those abandoned orders at no extra cost, and you’ll also get unlimited extensions, lots of space, and an account manager.

GoodBarber Alternatives: What Other Tools Should you try?

While GoodBarber can get your e-commerce app set up in no time, some people feel boxed in by the lack of design freedom. Plus, GoodBarber gets expensive when you need to add more features. Check out these other app builders if you want something else: 

  • Adalo, an app builder that features tons of flexibility with a huge degree of design freedom - and is much more competitively priced.
  • Softr, an app builder that has customization options so you can build more than just an e-commerce app.
  • Glide, an app builder that lets you build gorgeous, powerful PWAs for your business. 


What are my final thoughts on GoodBarber? Should you avoid it, shortlist it, or start using it right now?

Sign up at this instant if you want to make an e-commerce app and launch it quickly. If you’ve read this far, you know that GoodBarber makes it very easy to get your products, services, or content on an app, which you can get in front of customers in the blink of an eye. 

Shortlist it if you want an e-commerce app but aren’t sure how you want your app to appear. You’ll want to give GoodBarber a try and see if it’s flexible enough to build something for your taste. 

Want to build an app that isn’t an online store, is flexible, allows for enough design freedom, and provides more features for less money? 

Try out Adalo and build a native mobile app that you can publish to the Apple App and Google Play Store for $36/month.

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