By David Adkin | Co-founder of Adalo
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When will we see a product at the level of popularity of a TurboTax built with no-code?

I want to say there's like a because of the volume game that there's gonna be something that is going to be simple enough and powerful enough and scalable enough that it's just a matter of time that something like that emerges. Maybe it's not going to be like a multi-billion dollar company. Right. But in terms of popularity, one or two years.

Yeah, you could get like a TurboTax style thing in the decade.

Probably more on the five to seven year time horizon. The reason being, it takes three to five years to build that tool, just from a growth perspective. And so even if you got started next year, it's still gonna take you a while to get to the point where you are a fully competitive, massive market player.

If we're all doing our jobs well, hopefully soon. It takes time for businesses like that to grow and become that popular, regardless of their technology choices. Turbotax didnt become dominant overnight. I would say within the next two to five years.

My inner optimist wants to be like tomorrow. I would say maybe, and hopefully two to like three years.

I keep using the two the two to three years, but I think that's like a good timeframe.

[Lacey] I think three years.

[Ben]  I think it's about three years.

[Matt]  Yeah, likewise.

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The Future is No-Code Book & Mini-Series - What do all the experts think about the future of no-code? | Product Hunt Embed
The Future is No-Code Book & Mini-Series - What do all the experts think about the future of no-code? | Product Hunt Embed