By David Adkin | Co-founder of Adalo
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When is it going to be as common to make an app as it is a slide deck?

I don't know that that will ever happen... You know, actually, now that I think about it, it's possible that you would more people with active zaps than they would making PowerPoint presentations in a given week. So it depends on your definition of apps.

So it's already happening, like we live in that day and era now.

I think that with some of the tools that are out there, you already see it happening pretty frequently. I think that will probably happen within the next three or four years, I think, where the audience of no-code apps will be greater than the audience of people listening to or watching PowerPoint presentations.

Very quickly. Why would you present someone something like if you could just have them experience it directly? Why would you build something that's fake if you could build something that's real, right? I  would say five years. I think it'll be that fast.

I've already started to see people shipping like very rough MVPs or skeletons using no-code, but I would say, maybe give it another two years.

I'm fairly bullish on this, I would say two to three years.

[Lacey] Oh, I think, gosh, we're probably a year away, I think.

[Ben] Two years.

[Matt]  Two and a half, three years.

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About The Interviewer
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The Future is No-Code Book & Mini-Series - What do all the experts think about the future of no-code? | Product Hunt Embed
The Future is No-Code Book & Mini-Series - What do all the experts think about the future of no-code? | Product Hunt Embed