By David Adkin | Co-founder of Adalo
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When will no-code meet up with low code in terms of functionality?

I think they will never converge. For the same reason that a word processor will never converge with being able to draw something on a piece of paper, there's just like a lot more detail.

I still think we have a while here — let's call it a decade.

So I think they'll never catch up. Low code will just always be 12 months ahead.

As no-code tools grow and evolve over the next, I would say two to five years, I believe that they're going to manifest themselves as pricing within the no-code tools and your basic tiers will basically be no-code, and you're gonna see enterprise tier being low code.

I think that adoption is gonna start for enterprises for no-code really in full force sometime in, you know, 2021, 2022. People are trying to really do important things, they'll be looking at no-code tools to do that. And the low code tools just won't be able to keep up. And so we'll have to either modernize or adapt or go away.

We're naturally more in the low-code space currently — and I think we'll see both types of platforms add features from each other. The more and more “consumer” you get, I think people don't want that much code, right? But the more you need to build something complicated, with logic and business rules, etc — you're probably going to want some code in the mix.

It's probably like within two to three years. I would say for most things you could probably get anything fully accomplished with no-code tools in that visual development angle without even having to touch any low code.

[Lacey] I'm thinking more 18 to 24 months. It's gonna I'm just giving myself some room.

[Ben] Three years

[Matt] Probably three or three or four years. I think a lot of people can just bust out a little bit of JavaScript to get the job done with low code.

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About The Interviewer
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