By David Adkin | Co-founder of Adalo
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When will there be more agencies & dev shops that use no code tools that don’t?

Two years. When you realize that there's a better way and all of those other agencies start to run circles around you, you’ll start using them.

I would push that out pretty far. The reason I push it up pretty far is because I think there's still more website agencies that use code than no code and that have been using that technology for a long time. I would give it like a 10.

As soon as one or two start talking about it, everyone else is just going to do the same exact thing. So soon.

This ties back to that concept of, you know, where does no and low code start and stop? I believe as no-code tools become more robust, and just as a company mature more to where they have not just the no end low code, but also the underlying growth infrastructure from a partner perspective, you're going to see freelancers, agencies and dev shops begin to adopt these tools. So I believe that that happens over the next one to three years as the no-code community and products within it become more mature.

I think that every freelancer and agency needs to use no-code tools to stay competitive, just starting in 2020. So probably this year already, like we're kind of already there, where it really matters, and people are asking for it.

I'd say there's already a lot of agencies that kind of build both. I think to outweigh maybe like, six, eight, a little bit longer. I think it will take a while.

I feel like the freelancers, especially, are gonna carry a lot of the numbers here. I could see a case where, again, in the next couple years that the tides have turned quite a bit and then more dev shops and more like traditional agencies have to catch up. I mean, probably sooner than we think to be honest.

[Lacey] I think probably within the next two years.

[Ben] I would put it closer to seven years, probably when you talk about most, but I could be wrong.

[Matt] I say five to six, no, maybe less. I. would say three years if we're just talking about using them in your workflow.

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About The Interviewer
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