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Finding a Thunkable alternative is no easy task: Thunkable is a pretty decent no-code app builder, bringing quite a bit of design freedom. 

Lucky for you, I’ve been reviewing no-code tools for over a decade. I even founded a website, No-Code.Tech, which reviews dozens of no-code app-building platforms. Trying out and analyzing app builders isn’t just my line of work. It’s my passion. 

After sifting through a long list, I’ve found a few no-code app builders that make up for Thunakble’s shortcomings. In this article, I’ll review the 5 absolute best Thunkable alternatives available now.

Why Choose a Thunkable Alternative? 

Thunkable provides a user experience that lets you build your front-end and backend with ease. But Thunkable makes a few sacrifices, which limit your end product’s potential. Many people seek a Thunkable alternative due to:  


For $45/month (billed monthly), Thunkable’s Pro-Plan gives you unlimited projects — but there’s a catch. Thunkable only gives you 1GB of storage space, severely limiting the types of apps you can build. 

For unlimited storage space, you’ll need to go with Thunkable’s Business Version, costing an eye-watering $200/month (billed monthly).   

Solution: Choose a Thunkable alternative that comes with enough storage space without a leap in pricing. Adalo and GoodBarber both have several options under $200/month, all with tons of storage space. 

You Want Templates 

Thunkable provides the design freedom to start creating their app from scratch without templates. Many first-time app builders might get bogged down trying to figure out where to place elements, buttons, and features crucial to their app’s layout. 

Solution: Go with a Thunkable alternative, like Glide, Adalo, or FlutterFlow, that offers a template library. After flipping through your options, you’ll find a template to match your taste — you’ll also be able to edit your template while configuring your app. This saves time and sanity. 

You Want More Integrations 

Sometimes, you need to build a complex app with tons of integrations. For example, a customer-relationship management app that tracks emails takes payments from 2 or 3 platforms, and more. These apps require integrations with several third-party providers.  

Unfortunately, Thunkable doesn’t have nearly as many third-party integrations as its alternatives. This limits the functionality of your Thunkable-made app.   

Solution: Pick a Thunkable alternative, like Adalo or Glide, that comes packed with third-party integrations with services like PayPal, Stripe, Twilio, Zapier, and 1,000s more. 

The Top 5 Thunkable Alternatives 

  • Adalo, the best overall Thunkable alternative
  • GoodBarber, the easiest Thunkable alternative
  • Glide, the Thunkable alternative that’s great for complex apps
  • FlutterFlow, the cheaper Thunkable alternative
  • Bravo Studio, the Thunkable alternative for designers

#1 The Best Overall Thunkable Alternative 


What is it? 

Adalo is a no-code web and native mobile app builder that provides a pleasant user experience (UX) and allows anyone to bring their app idea to life.

What does it do better than Thunkable? 

Adalo’s no-code drag-and-drop interface is easier than Thunkable, but it also has a jaw-dropping amount of power. Packed with over 5,500 third-party integrations, like Zapier and Airtable, Adalo lets absolute beginners bring almost any app idea to life.

Getting started is simple, as you can lay your app’s foundations by picking a template from Adalo’s template library. And if you run into any problems, Adalo has a vast ecosystem of experts, veterans, and fellow beginners just waiting to see you through. 

Who is it best for? 

I’ve recommended Adalo to everyone from freelancers to medium-sized businesses, and it always gets raving reviews. Adalo is the Thunkable alternative that can build almost anything, from simple external-facing directories to complex Kanban boards.   


Start using Adalo now for $36/month

Final Verdict 

With a huge ecosystem, a lengthy list of integrations, and enough design freedom to bring a tear to Andy Warhols’ eye, Adalo is the Thunkable alternative that lets non-techies build the apps of their dreams. 

#2 The Easiest Thunkable Alternative 


What is it? 

GoodBarber is a simple-to-use no-code native mobile app builder that provides specialized tools for building e-commerce or simple apps. 

What does it do better than Thunkable? 

If you need to build an e-commerce app to sell your content or product, look no further than GoodBarber. It offers tons of templates preloaded with sample products. After selecting the one you like best, you can easily swap the preloaded products for yours.

GoodBarber is also a competitively priced Thunkable alternative, giving you more storage space for your dollar. For only $30/month (billed monthly), you get 2GB of storage space — but if you need more, GoodBarber charges only $2 for every 10GB.    

Who is it best for? 

GoodBarber is best for content creators who want to give their subscribers an app and e-commerce store owners. But if you want to create simple apps that aren’t for e-commerce or content subscriptions, use GoodBarber as a simple and easy way to create your app. 


GoodBarber’s Classic Standard Version costs $30/month (billed monthly). If you want to publish to the Google Play Store, you can update to Full Version for $60/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

With a much cheaper price tag, more storage space, and the capability to build simple apps quickly, GoodBarber is the Thunkable alternative that will provide a super easy UX. 

#3 The Thunkable Alternative That’s Great For Building Complex Apps 


What is it? 

Glide is a powerful no-code web app builder that lets you create aesthetically appealing apps that execute complex tasks.  

What does it do better than Thunkable? 

Glide has the largest template library out of all the Thunkable alternatives on this list. As an added bonus, they all pass the eye test with flying colors. This means that whatever template you pick, your app will look nothing short of absolutely stunning. 

While Glide limits the number of app users, Glide is intended for creating internal business apps. Because of this, you’ll find a brimming amount of operations-enhancing features, like APIs, 3rd-party integrations, and AI features.  

Who is it best for? 

Businesses of all sizes use Glide to create apps to execute their internal operations. If you need to make a customized project management tool or an app for your administrative tasks, Glide is the Thunkable alternative for you. 


While it's a bit more pricey than Thunkale at $60/month (billed monthly), you get 5GB of storage. If you want unlimited storage for your team, you’ll need to pay $125/month (billed monthly), cheaper than Thunkable’s unlimited storage version by $75/month. 

Final Verdict 

For building complex apps to simplify your business processes, Glide is the Thunkable alternative of choice. 

#4 The Cheaper Thunkable Alternative 


What is it? 

FlutterFlow is a web and native mobile app builder that requires a little bit of technical knowledge. 

What does it do better than Thunkable? 

If Thunkable’s simplicity keeps you from really customizing your app, then FlutterFlow is the app builder for you. Its in-depth and complex building interface lets you add and fine-tune your own custom features. 

FlutterFlow is a low-code app builder with features that will make developers gush, like code extensibility and a visual logic builder. It also has hundreds of templates to choose from, which those with a technical skill set can customize to their tastes. 

When you finish building your app, you can download the source code, just in case you want to tinker with it later. 

Who is it best for? 

Anyone with programming or technical experience will be right at home building an app with FlutterFlow. 


Build your FlutterFlow web app for $30/month (billed monthly). If you want to build a native mobile app to publish in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll need to pay $70/month (billed monthly).  

Final Verdict 

FlutterFlow is the best Thunkable alternative for techies. It offers more power and control at a better price. 

#5 The Best Thunkable Alternative for Designers 

Bravo Studio

What is it? 

Bravo Studio is a no-code app builder that allows designers to convert their Figma designs into breathtaking native mobile apps.  

What does it do better than Thunkable? 

If you’re a designer, Thunkable’s interface might leave you feeling constrained. Bravo Studio gives you the power to make super unique apps out of your Figma designs. With Bravo, you’ll truly have pixel-by-pixel control over your apps.

Bravo’s lowest tier version, at $21/month (billed monthly), gives you more flexibility at a better price than Thunkable. You can build an unlimited number of apps, which is great if you want to create an app portfolio or just want options when it’s time to publish your app. 

Who is it best for? 

Bravo Studio is exclusively made for designers. You’ll need to bring your Figma designs to get started. 


Although the $21/month version is nearly the deal of the century, there’s a catch: your apps will come with Bravo Studio branding. To remove this branding, you’ll need to pay $118/month. 

Final Verdict 

Bravo Studio is the best app builder for designers because it offers insane design freedom, specifically tailored to those who use Figma. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Cheapest Thunkable Alternative? 

While FlutterFlow and Bravo Studio offer options under $30/month (billed monthly), you need technical skills to use FlutterFlow and design skills for Bravo. GoodBarber is the cheapest app builder anyone can use, also at $30/month (billed monthly), but it’s limited to e-commerce and simple apps. 

If you want to build a powerful, complex app with lots of integrations and don’t want to put a dent in your wallet, try out Adalo starting at $36/month — only $6 more than GoodBarber. 

What Thunkable Alternative Has The Best Templates? 

With well over 100 templates, Glide has the largest template library on our list. But, if you find Glide too difficult, GoodBarber and Adalo are Thunkable alternatives with enough templates to satisfy even the most picky of tastes.  

What Thunkable Alternative Has The Best Building Interface? 

Adalo’s drag-and-drop interface is very easy. It’s so intuitive that you won’t need to spend much time learning its ins and outs: you’ll have the power to start creating your own app right from the get-go. Adalo is the Thunkable alternative that gives enough design freedom to create an app that looks and feels exactly how you want it.

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