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As a personal trainer, you want to offer your clients the best services so they can be their best selves. To do this, you need to use a solid software program that juggles your client’s and your schedule. 

Here’s the problem: the market is flooded with personal training software programs. Picking the right one is difficult. 

Luckily, we scoured Google and delved into various personal training software and found our favorites. In this article, we'll walk you through the three best software programs for personal trainers, and show you how to pick the right one for you.

What to Look for in Personal Trainer Software

We’ve selected each personal training software based on how it can improve your operations. Here’s what we looked for in each provider:

1. Customization 

All personal trainers approach their craft differently, and they cater their plans to each client’s specific needs. Your software should be customizable to fit your unique training methodology and how you present workouts and diet plans to clients. Because you’ll configure different workout plans and nutrition regimens for each of your clients, flexible training software is a must. 

2. Integration 

Integrating with other apps and functions will enhance your overall client experience. Personal training software needs to connect with fitness trackers, watches, and nutritional databases to help clients reach their fitness goals. Using integrations like these will help your clients make progress, and they’ll be able to see their metrics improve over time. You’ll also be more likely to retain your clients when they can see tangible progress.  

You’ll also want a calendar integration for booking, session scheduling, and adjusting fitness plans as your clients progress. Most importantly, a payment integration with a platform like Stripe or Square is a must because many clients prefer the convenience of cashless payments.

3. Client Management Features

You’ll need a backend platform for organizing your data and to see your list of clients, their workout progress, and all your bookings. Having all this information in one place will simplify accessing and organizing your data. Keeping your operations clean and organized will make you appear even more professional to your clients. It will also help you avoid self-inflicted scheduling errors.

The Best Personal Trainer Software

Adalo is a super simple app builder that lets you customize your own personal training app.

TrueCoach provides you with your client’s real time progress and offers discounts with players in the fitness industry. 

FitSW allows users to join a global community of over 20,000 personal trainers and their clients.

1. Adalo

Adalo is the most customizable personal training software. It’s an app builder that lets you create your own mobile or web app without any knowledge or technical background. It’s very easy to use - all you need is a mouse or your fingertips to operate their drag-and-drop, app-building interface. 

The Adalo app builder lets you tailor-make your very own fitness app. Your app will work much better for you than software generally designed for the personal training industry.

Why Adalo Caught Our Eye

  • Adalo’s easy customization makes it a strong competitor for any personal training software. Create your own custom client relationship management (CRM) and booking system, make profiles for each client, and use Adalo’s Actions feature to integrate biometrics tracking into their profiles. This lets you personalize each client’s workout plans, goals, and progress. Having this feature is ideal because each client moves at a different pace and has unique fitness goals.
  • Most personal training software lets you send direct messages to your clients. Adalo’s flexibility allows for this, and you can create custom-made group chats. Group chats are great for group classes or clients working towards similar goals. On group chats, your clients can ask questions, share experiences, generate productive synergy, and make new workout buddies!  
  • Adalo can publish your app anywhere, so giving your clients access is as simple as sending them to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or your website, where they can download it free of charge. 
  • Adalo’s AI-powered Magic Start feature allows you to create new functions with a single sentence prompt. For instance, you can prompt Magic Start to help generate your app’s features quickly. 


Adalo starts its pricing at $36/month.

2. TrueCoach

TrueCoach excels at customizing workout programs and allowing for great client-trainer communication. It lets trainers create and send personalized and interactive workout plans directly to their clients. 

TrueCoach also leverages real-time biometric tracking - you’ll be able to watch your clients’ heart rates increase on your phone’s screen while you’re pushing them through workouts.  

Why TrueCoach Caught Our Eye

  • TrueCoach’s comprehensive Workout Program Builder lets you create, customize, and distribute workout plans tailored to each client’s specific needs. This tool will enable you to give each client the workout that suits them best, helping them hit their goals one rep at a time. 
  • Nutrition plays a vital role in personal training. TrueCoach realizes this and lets you create meal plans to meet calorie and macronutrient goals. Integrating nutrition planning into your training software will help clients hit fitness goals.
  • After logging in to TrueCoach’s software, TrueCoach’s intuitive dashboard will appear on your screen. It gives you a comprehensive overview of client activities, upcoming sessions, and client progress. 
    TrueCoach updates data to the dashboard automatically and in real-time during your personal trainer appointments. The dashboard will help you make decisions quickly, allowing you to give high-quality and informed feedback to your clients on the spot.
  • Truecoach boasts a long list of partner businesses that will keep your training game sharp. Plus, you can share some of the offerings with your clients because everyone loves a discount.

    Here are a few of TrueCoach’s highlighted company partners
  1. International Sports Sciences Association: Offers discounts on certifications and specializations. So, if you’re looking to be the only certified kettlebell instructor in town, look no further.
  2. Vega Plant-Based Protein: You can get your hands on a 30% discount on all protein powders. Offer this to your clients or reward them with protein powder when they meet their goals. 
  3. TruGrit Workout Machines: Save 20% off selected workout machines for your training space. With these machines, you’ll be able to diversify your training sessions. 
  4. Sam Vander Wielen (attorney): Get access to free legal advice for protecting and growing your business. Having an idea about the legal environment of the personal training world is good knowledge to have. 


TrueCoach offers a Starter Plan at $19.99/month, which allows up to 5 clients; their Pro Plan supports up to 50 clients and costs $106.99/month. If you have more than 50 clients, you’ll have to contact TrueCoach directly to set up a Custom Plan. 

3. FitSW

FitSW is a multifaceted fitness tool suite so you can offer the best client management, workout planning, and progress tracking. You can input client metrics like height, weight, body fat percentage, V02 max, and more to set fitness goals for each client. With this feature, designing workout plans for each client’s unique needs and goals is extra easy.   

Used by countless people in over 100 countries, FitSW is also a social network. Your clients can even share their progress and achievements with FitSW users around the world. Using FitSW will give your clients the chance to be part of a global community, providing opportunities for collaboration and helping your clients hit their goals. 

Why FitSW Caught Our Eye

  • FitSW’s expansive community reaches over 100 countries and is available in over six languages. Over 20,000 personal trainers currently use FitSW globally. You can share your workout plans and look at countless others uploaded by fellow trainers using FitSW.
  • Save past workout plans in FitSW’s database to free up time. When you get new clients with similar workout goals, simply look up the older template and make adjustments for your new client. This system will make designing new workouts for freshly onboarded clients a breeze. 
  • Signing up for FitSW’s software gives you access to thousands of instructional videos that emphasize the proper technique needed for certain movements. Clients can refer to this database when working out solo. They’ll be able to watch videos and follow along, helping them to make progress towards their fitness goals. 
  • FitSW lets you automate routine tasks like appointment reminders, workout and meal planning, notifications, and progress-tracking updates. Using the automation feature will significantly cut the time you spend on administration tasks and free up more time for client appointments.  


FitSW has payment plans for gyms and trainers; the number of clients determines the pricing. The cost for a personal trainer with five clients is $19/month, when you have 15 clients, it will jump to $29/month. For gyms, pricing starts at $99/month for 60 clients. Large gyms can have up to 2,000 clients for $339/month.

Next Steps 

Each software we selected offers a free version or a free trial period. You should try each one and take notes about the features you like and dislike. This will give you hands-on experience with how the different software works, allowing you to assess the pros and cons and find out which one best suits your needs.

The software program you choose must make each client’s progress toward their goals clear. Visualization of their progress will help you communicate how well each client is progressing toward their goals, which will help you push your clients to reach their goals. This way, clients will have a clear idea about where they need to improve. 

Clients are more likely to stick around if you make their progression clear and map out how they need to go about achieving their next big fitness goal.

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