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Spotto | An app for matching new graduates with open opportunities.

We’re so excited to announce that an app built in Adalo has been acquired & it’s the very first (of many, we’re sure)! Not only is this an awesome milestone for Adalo — but an amazing accomplishment to the makers: Dr. NoCode. How were they able to produce an app and get it acquired, especially since it can be so challenging to come up with an idea in the first place? 

This struggle is one many people face — coming up with an app idea that will eventually gain traction. You might find yourself at that point now. One of the best tips for coming up with an idea that might be popular: solve your own problem. This works for multiple reasons: 

  1. If you have a problem, chances are so do others!
  2. You have at least a basic understanding of your pain points, so you understand exactly what’s needed to solve them! 
  3. At the very least you will have solved your own problem and have created an app in the future that aids in the solution. It’s really a win-win.

Solving a problem or pain point was exactly how SPOTTO was developed & ultimately acquired. SPOTTO seeks to help recent graduates match with employers during the recruiting process and set up time for online interviews. Fueled by the onset of COVID-19, the app was quickly developed & caught the attention of an employment firm looking to match job hunters with prospective employers — while eliminating the need to in-person interviews.

Screenshot of the Spotto app in Adalo.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Dr. NoCode found no-code and immediately realized its magic. Not only was Adalo intuitive for him to learn, even as a non-native English speaker, but he sees there’s opportunity for even non-English speakers to get in & create their own apps. 

On Adalo, “it is a great mix between powerpoint & excel, which makes it the perfect tool for me because I do not have experience coding,” says Dr. NoCode.
Spotto has an easy to use interface for graduates to find open jobs.

SPOTTO Features

  • Separate Log-ins for individuals & for companies
  • Individuals can view different company’s profiles
  • Company profiles include a description, an application, a Zoom meeting link, and the ability to chat. 
  • Individual profiles include a section to view which events you are attending
  • View Calendar in two different formats
  • Share function to invite friends
  • Chat with the company to set up your video interview.
Spotto built an incredible calendar component inside of Adalo.

What’s Next for Dr. NoCode? 

Dr. NoCode plans to stay on in a consultative role with A-Career Co. LTD, who acquired SPOTTO in May of 2020. From there, the team plans to enter a funding round in Japan. According to Dr. NoCode, one of the best parts of the no-code movement is the low barrier to entry — he says, “In the past you had to get funding to even build your app, but now you can skip the pre-seed & seed rounds of funding & go to series A right away.” This is definitely a big positive for startups!

We’re also excited to announce that Dr. NoCode is going to be our official Adalo Expert in Japan! We’ll absolutely be watching as the team behind Spotto continues to make waves & we wish them the best in the next steps.

Chat with the company and set up your video interview!

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