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Today, it’s easier than ever to create your very own app that you can publish on the web or make available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And you won’t need to spend any time learning a coding language or technical concepts. 

By using no-code app-building platforms, you can create your very own breathtaking, professional-looking, and highly functional app. Millions of folks have already done so — in fact, you might already be using an app built on a no-code platform!  

Apps built on no-code platforms are everywhere, and we’d like to put some of our favorite ones in the spotlight. In this article, we’ll walk you through 11 inspiring no-code examples. 

11 Best No-Code Examples 

  1. Scholarcash, an app for college financial aid 
  1. Teal, an app for job-seekers
  1. Joy Blossom, a health and welfare community  
  1. Intro CRM, a CRM app 
  1. Doggy Door, an app for dog owners
  1. Copious, for land investors 
  1. Stew, an anger-management tool
  1. Goodgigs for folks seeking sustainable jobs 
  1. Chara, for health and wellness goals
  1. UserLoop, a customer-satisfaction analysis tool 
  1. Mnemonics, an app to make you smarter 

What is No-Code? 

No-code refers to a broad array of software that can create tools, apps, websites, and more without the use of programming languages. Typical no-code building platforms function like PowerPoint: you drag over shapes and textboxes, upload photos, and choose your color scheme. 

Just like PowerPoint, most no-code building platforms use a drag-and-drop interface to create your website, app, or tool. While each platform has its own unique features and flexibility, they all have one thing in common: You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding to use them.  

What Can I Make With No-Code? 

When you use no-code, you can build almost any software tool you can imagine. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and Fortune 500 companies have all used no-code building platforms to create their own software. 

Here are a few broad examples of the various applications you can create from a no-code building platform: 

  • Client-Facing Apps: These are apps that clients access via the web using their browsers or that they download directly to their phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. These can be booking apps for a restaurant, a travel app, or an app that helps you find a job. 
  • Websites: No-code makes building a professional-looking site for your business or brand easy. 
  • Internal Business Tools: Create a CRM tool, profit and loss calculator, a project management board, or any other tool you can imagine for your business. Make this tool accessible to your team through the web or an app they download directly to their phones. 
  • Backend/Databases: Use a no-code platform to create a database, structure your data how you want it, and command how it is presented and who can access it. Then, connect your database and backend to other tools like a website or app builder.   

Some Major Players in the No-Code Space

The no-code space is thriving and is expected to pick up more steam. Recently, a market research company predicted that by 2025, no-code tools will be used to develop at least 70% of new apps made by organizations. 

The bottom line: No-code will only become more popular in the coming years. The time to build your own app using no-code is now.  

Here are a few current industry leaders in no-code:  

  • Adalo: One of the most influential players in the no-code space, Adalo can create apps you can access on the web, or apps that you can download directly to your mobile device from the app stores. Adalo is also one of the most simple but powerful flexible app-building platforms, boasting a variety of no-code examples on our list. 
  • WebFlow: Webflow is one of the most popular tools for creating websites. In fact, the website you’re reading right now is built on Webflow. 
  • Bubble: Founded in 2012, Bubble is one of the first no-code app-building platforms in history. While it doesn’t make apps for the app stores, it boasts one of the most abundant ecosystems full of templates, plugins, and more. Because of this, Bubble is a super powerful app-building platform.  
  • Glide: Glide is a no-code app-building platform that lets you create web apps your users can access. While Glide has templates to create client-facing apps, it’s considered a platform specializing in making internal business tools. Glide prioritizes aesthetics, so Glide apps tend to be jaw-dropping right out of the box.  

#1 Scholarcash

What is it? 

Scholarcash simplifies the scholarship application process for aspiring college students by providing a centralized location where students can find scholarship opportunities matching their specific educational needs and personal criteria. 

No-Code Platform: Adalo 


Scholarcash's comprehensive scholarship database includes various scholarships from multiple sources, making it easy to find opportunities relevant to your field of study, interests, and background. You’ll also get clear timelines about deadlines and be able to track the status of your applications. 

Additionally, Scholarcash provides resources and tips on the scholarship application process, which can help you improve your application, prepare for interviews, and maximize your chances of receiving scholarships.

#2 Teal

What is it?

Teal is a web app for career management and job search strategies. If you’re looking to advance your career, find a new job, or switch industries, check out Teal. 

No-Code Platform: Bubble


Teal also serves as a job-hunting social network app with a unique resume builder for crafting resumes tailored to specific job listings. You can also organize job applications and schedule interviews. It also boasts a networking feature, kind of like LinkedIn, but it’s more job-oriented. 

You can also get personalized career advice and access to several learning resources to develop skills and set career goals.

#3 Joy Blossom

What is it? 

Joy Blossom is a native mobile app that enhances emotional well-being and mental health through guided meditation and mindfulness exercises. It provides the tools to create an optimized daily mental health routine.  

No-Code Platform: Adalo 


Joy Blossom has an arsenal of tools to help you maintain peace of mind. Choose from several guided meditations, breathing exercises, and bedtime stories, all aimed at reducing stress and improving sleep quality. A highlight feature is the personalized daily check-in, which you can use to track your mood and emotional health daily. 

Additionally, Joy Blossom has a community feature, enabling users to connect with others to share experiences, offer support, and create a supportive and tight-knit community.

#4 Intro CRM

What is it? 

Intro CRM is a web app designed to streamline customer relationship management (CRM) for small to medium-sized businesses into one platform. It allows companies to manage their customer interactions and data without the need for complex or costly CRM systems.

No-Code Platform: Glide


One of its main features is a detailed customer database where you can store and manage all your customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and interaction logs. 

Introi CRM is also integrated with Hubspot, Smartlead, and other tools, enabling you to send emails, make calls, and message customers directly from the app.

You’ll also be able to track your sales performance and receive analytics and insights. Conveniently, Intro CRM comes with a customizable dashboard, giving you a real-time overview of all your business activities.

#5 Doggy Door

What is it? 

If you’re a long-time dog owner or just got a new puppy, you must look into Doggy Door. Doggy Door helps you manage your dog's daily needs and activities, allows you to track #1s and #2s (super important when you’re trying to house-train the 3-month-old Fido!), records vet appointments, and more.

No-Code Platform: Adalo


Doggy Door’s health tracker lets you record vet appointments, vaccination schedules, exercise sessions, and much more. It also comes with a nutritional planner that suggests meals based on the dog's breed, age, and weight.

Looking for a friend for Fido? Doggy Door’s “Playdate Finder” has got you covered. This social media feature helps you connect with other dog owners in your area and arrange meetups. Doggy Door also has an online shop where you can purchase, food, toys, and rewards for when Fido finally sits on command.

#6 Copious

What is it? 

Copious is a web app for land investors. It provides buyers and sellers of empty, undeveloped land (no houses) with a platform to connect, communicate, and, hopefully, seal a deal. 

No-Code Platform: Bubble


Aimed at both seasoned investors and newcomers to the land investment market, Copious helps connect buyers and sellers of land all over the United States. After signing up for $39/month (billed monthly), you’ll be able to access a map that shows properties for sale across the US. 

Select a property and see its selling price. If you’re a seller, you can list a property. You can also connect with people in the community, post messages on the forum, and send private messages to other users.  

#7 Stew

What is it? 

Stew is a native mobile and web app designed specifically for anger management. It provides tools and resources to understand, monitor, and control anger and outbursts. It also provides a personal and accessible way to manage anger in various situations.

No-Code Platform: Adalo 


One of Stew’s flagship features is the emotions tracking tool, letting you log your feelings throughout the day. This will help you identify patterns and your emotional responses, so you can recognize triggers that lead to anger.

In addition to guided meditation and breathing exercises, you’ll get educational content about anger and its psychological impacts, including practical tips on how to handle confrontational situations more effectively. 

Stew also provides a community support tool by allowing users to connect and share experiences and strategies for dealing with anger.

#8 Goodgigs

What is it? 

Goodgigs is designed to connect professionals with job opportunities at companies prioritizing sustainability and social impact. It provides a marketplace for discovering roles aligning with your career goals and environmental and social responsibility values.

No-Code Platform: Bubble


Goodgigs has a comprehensive job listing interface where you can search for positions based on specific sustainability and social impact criteria. Listings give detailed descriptions of each company's sustainability initiatives and the position's impact goals.

Because it emphasizes community and networking, you can connect with fellow professionals and participate in discussions on the forum. You’ll also get resources and articles about the latest trends in sustainability so you can stay informed about trends and advancements in sustainable employment.

#9 Chara

What is it? 

Chara is a health app designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. It integrates various aspects of wellness into a single, user-friendly platform, providing a holistic way to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.

No-Code Platform: Adalo 


Chara offers a daily wellness tracker that allows you to monitor your physical activities, dietary habits, hydration levels, and sleep patterns. You’ll also be able to cater your wellness plans and dial in your exercise routines, nutrition plans, and mindfulness exercises. 

You’ll be able to connect with other users on the forum, share your experiences, and encourage others to achieve their wellness goals. Conveniently, Chara integrates with other health apps and devices so you can sync your health data to view your wellness goals granularly.

#10 UserLoop

What is it? 

UserLoop streamlines the collection and analysis of customer feedback for businesses. By providing direct user insights, it will help you enhance your customer service and product offerings.

No-Code Platform: Bubble


One standout feature is UserLoop’s automated survey tool, which allows you to design and deploy customized surveys quickly. As an added bonus, you can integrate these into your website, emails, or mobile apps.

You’ll also get helpful integrations with platforms like Klaviyo, Meta (Facebook), Shopify, and more. Leverage these integrations to gather more consumer insights about your products and services.

#11 Mnemonics - Flashcards and Quiz

What is it? 

Who doesn’t want to get smarter? Mnemonics is a native mobile app that offers helpful tools to increase memory and learning ability. It provides an enormous library of mnemonic devices categorized by subject matter, including languages, history, sciences, and more, to boost your brain’s abilities. 

No-Code Platform: Adalo


Not only can you tap Mnemonic’s fast library of cognitive enhancement tools, but you can also create your own mnemonic devices, flashcards, and more. Use Mnemonic’s tools and your own custom-made ones to tailor your learning program. 

You’ll also be able to solidify your lessons by taking Mnemonic’s quizzes and challenges. Then, share your results with other Mnemonic users on the forum and grow your network of intellectual friends. 

Make Your App Idea a Reality with Adalo

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