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Many folks choose Jotform as an app-building platform because it offers competitive pricing and is simple to use right out of the box. However, Jotform has a few limitations that prevent many from building the app they envision, pushing them to find Jotform alternatives. 

With so many options out there, finding a solid Jotform alternative can be tough. Luckily, you’re in the right place. 

Over the last 8 years, I’ve tried and reviewed over 250 no-code app-building platforms and recommended them to the individuals and businesses with whom they fit best. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the 5 best Jotform alternatives.

Why Choose a Jotform Alternative? 

Jotform is an excellent app-building platform for creating apps for your online store or gathering information from a community. Still, it’s not as flexible as many users want it to be. Time and time again, I’ve heard the following issues:

Makes Bland-Looking Apps

While Jotform offers over 600 templates to choose from, many of them don’t pass the eye test. And even though you can edit each template component, Jotform’s lack of design freedom makes it difficult to configure your app exactly to your preferences. 

Solution: Choose an app-building platform, like Adalo, Glide, or Bravo Studio, that provides eye-catching templates and gives you enough design freedom to fine-tune your app’s appearance to how you want it to look. 

Can’t Scale

Jotform specializes in providing an e-commerce app-building platform and integrates with several payment tools. Unfortunately, Jotform caps the number of payments your app can receive each month, restricting your app's revenue potential. 

If you want to create an internal business tool with more than one user, you’ll need to seek a Jotform alternative: Jotform only allows one internal user per app. This makes it difficult to make an effective internal tool your growing team can use.  

Solution: Choose a Jotform alternative, like Adalo, GoodBarber, or NoLoco, that accepts unlimited payments and allows you to add more internal users as your business scales.  

Can’t Publish as a Web App or to App Stores

After you create your Jotform app, users can only access it through a link you post on your site or social media or by scanning a QR code. Jotform doesn’t let you publish your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

It also doesn’t let you publish your app as a web app (an app that’s accessed through browsers and is essentially a website). These limitations narrow down the number of eyes that your app can get in front of. 

Solution: Get a Jotform alternative, like Adalo, GoodBarber, or Bravo Studio, that lets users access your app through their browser or download it to their mobile device from an app store. Putting your app on more platforms will increase its potential for popularity. 

The Top 5 JotformAlternatives 

  • Adalo, the best overall Jotform alternative
  • Glide, the best Jotform alternative for aesthetically pleasing apps
  • GoodBarber, the best Jotform alternative for e-commerce apps
  • Bravo Studio, the best Jotform alternative for designers
  • NoLoco, the best Jotform alternative for business tools to scale

#1 The Best Overall Jotform Alternative 


What is it? 

Adalo is a no-code mobile app builder that provides the design freedom and flexibility to make super-powerful apps. 

What does it do better than Jotform? 

When you choose Adalo, you’ll have tons of control over how you want your app to appear. Customize each picture, textbox, button, and more to your liking by editing right on the screen of your app-building canvas. 

You’ll be able to build a web app and a real, native mobile app at the same time. You won’t have to worry about making any technical adjustments. After you finish building your app, you can deploy it to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the web. 

Creating an app with Adalo will get it in front of a large audience

Who is it best for? 

Throughout my career, I’ve recommended Adalo more than any other app builder. This is because Adalo is super flexible everyone, from freelancers to medium-sized businesses, can bring their app idea to life using Adalo. 


Get Adalo starting at $36/month

Final Verdict 

Because Adalo gives you the design control to create an app that looks exactly how you want it and the ability to deploy to the web and app stores, Adalo is the best overall Jotform alternative. 

#2 The Best Jotform Alternative for Aesthetically Pleasing Apps


What is it? 

Glide is a web app builder with a powerful building interface, letting you create gorgeous, attention-grabbing apps. 

What does it do better than Jotform?

While Glide doesn’t have 600+ templates like Jotform, it does have a sizable template library with more than 100 options. Every template Glide offers is drop-dead gorgeous. When you build with Glide, you can create much more beautiful and unique apps than Jotform.   

You’ll also be able to scale your app to meet your organization’s needs. Glide gives you an unlimited number of users who can log into your app. Publish your Glide app to the web and use Glide’s SEO tools to optimize it for more users.  

Who is it best for? 

Businesses of all sizes that need to build a web app will find Glide a good option. While you can use Glide to create customer-facing apps, it's best for creating internal business tools like CRM systems and project management boards. This is because Glide is specifically designed for automated workflows and unique data structuring. 


Glide has a great free version that lets you learn its building interface and get your app started. Its cheapest version, at $60/month, gives you 5GB of data storage and over 35 third-party integrations.  

Final Verdict 

With lots of building power and the capability to scale your app, Glide is the Jotform alternative you can use to create an app that’s nice to look at. 

#3 The Best Jotform Alternative for E-commerece  


What is it? 

GoodBarber builds web and native mobile apps that can be published to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

What does it do better than Jotform? 

Specially designed for creating all kinds of e-commerce apps, GoodBarber offers a simple building experience. Unlike Jotform, GoodBarber doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for ease. GoodBarber comes packed with good-looking templates that will make your store stand out. 

GoodBarber has many integrations with payment platforms, making it easy for you to receive customer payments. Refreshingly, GoodBarber doesn’t cap the amount of monthly payment transactions, unleashing the power of your app’s revenue-generating potential. 

Who is it best for? 

If you want to build an e-commerce app for selling anything, from a newsletter subscription to tomatoes grown in your backyard, GoodBarber takes the cake. Its templates, features, and plugins are built to accommodate the needs of online content creators and e-commerce merchants.  


For those selling a content subscription, GoodBarber is $36/month (billed monthly) — $3 cheaper than Jotform’s lowest-tier version. If you’re looking to build an online store, GoodBarber starts at $50/month (billed monthly).

Final Verdict 

GoodBarber is the Jotform alternative if you’re looking to build an e-commerce app without limiting the number of monthly payments you can receive.   

#4 The Best Jotform Alternative for Designers 

Bravo Studio

What is it? 

Bravo Studio is built for designers, letting them recreate their Figma designs as their own unique apps. 

What does it do better than Jotform? 

Bravo offers more design freedom than most app-building platforms, letting you build unique and jaw-dropping apps. By using your own Figma designs, you’ll have pixel-perfect control over your app’s appearance. 

While Bravo doesn’t build web apps, it does allow you to publish your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This feature will help you get your app in front of billions of app store users.  

Who is it best for? 

Bravo is built for designers who use Figma or, if you’re old-school, Adobe XD. People without experience on these platforms might find Bravo difficult to learn.  


For only $21/month, you can publish your Bravo-made app to the app stores. If you want to remove the Bravo Studio label and brand your app, you’ll need to pay $117/month. 

Final Verdict 

With pixel-perfect control and enough design freedom to make Van Gough’s jaw hit the floor, Bravo Studio is the go-to app-building platform for designers.  

#5 The Best Jotform Alternative for Scaling Business Tools  


What is it? 

NoLoco is an app-building platform that lets businesses create tools to optimize their processes and operations. 

What does it do better than Jotform? 

Because it’s designed for businesses that need to build internal tools, NoLoco is the Jotform alternative that will help you simplify day-to-day operations. It comes with many more tool-specific templates, like those for Kanban boards, project management tools, and more.

NoLoco has plans for businesses of all sizes, allowing several internal users (aka, members of your team) to access your app on the web. It also has collaboration features, like notifications and commenting, so your team can communicate flawlessly on each project.  

Who is it best for? 

If you’re a business that needs to build unique software tools for any operation, look no further than NoLoco. You’ll also be able to sync your Airtable, Google Sheets, Xano, or SmartSuite Database to your NoLoco app. 


Although NoLoco doesn’t have a free version, its starter version is $49/month (billed monthly) and only $10 more than Jotform, which gives you 5GB of storage and 10 internal users. The Pro Version, at $149/month (billed monthly), gets you 50 users and 20GB of space.

Final Verdict 

With operations-specific templates and tools, NoLoco is the Jotform alternative for those wanting to make internal business apps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Cheapest Jotform Alternative? 

At $21/month (billed monthly), Bravo Studio is the cheapest Jotform alternative. However, those without experience using Figma will struggle to use Bravo. For a flexible, easy-to-learn app builder that lets you bring any app idea to life, I recommend Adalo starting at $36/month.   

What Jotform Alternative Can I Use to Make Internal Tools? 

Glide is great for building internal business tools, and its free version lets you get comfortable with its app-building interface. However, if you want an app-building platform specifically designed to create only internal business tools, give NoLoco a shot.   

What Is the Easiest Jotform Alternative? 

GoodBarber and Adalo are platforms that you can start using right out of the box. However, GoodBarber is more geared towards making e-commerce apps and doesn’t allow as much design freedom as Adalo. Adalo is very flexible and lets you make almost any app you can think of.

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