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Are you thinking about being a no-code freelancer and exploring the world of building apps for clients? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we cover the basics of what it takes to succeed as a no-code freelancer, the skills you need to develop, and the experience on an Adalo Expert as a no-code freelancer.

Quick Overview: What is No-code?

No-code allows people who don’t have a technical background in development or coding to build software like mobile apps, websites, and web apps. Basically, it makes it possible for anyone to build an app and bring their idea to life! Software development can now be achieved faster and is made more affordable by the incredible number of no-code building tools.

Find out more about no-code in this video by Ben Tossell, the Founder of Makerpad!

There is a Huge Demand for App Building!

More than ever before, the way to stay competitive and grow your business is by reaching a larger audience, and creating more meaningful interactions with them – one way to do that is by building mobile apps.

The challenge for businesses, especially smaller businesses is that app building is expensive and time-consuming, and therefore just isn’t feasible.

But no-code app building presents an incredible opportunity for small businesses to expand their audience, and for freelancers to build software at a fraction of the cost.

Being able to build and launch mobile apps in weeks instead of months or years means you can acquire a much larger customer base, resulting in more income, faster!

Build a Thriving Business Through No-code Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most accessible ways to start your own business, but without the complicated procedures and operations. There are plenty of benefits of being a freelancer – especially the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, pick your clients, projects, and the the ability to create your own schedule.

If No-code Product Building is Easy, Is There a Market for Freelancers?

Great question!

While anyone can learn how to build apps using no-code tools, entrepreneurs may not have the time or headspace to do so. It may be quicker or a better use of their time to outsource this work so they can focus on running and growing their business.

This is where the collective expertise of no-code freelancers makes a difference. Typically, a no-code freelancer has experience in UX design, app building, and visualization. They know how to quickly and efficiently build apps because of their extensive experience.

Most freelancers have building blocks in place to save them from unnecessary repetition from one project to another.

Tips to Succeed as a No-code Freelancer

  1. Work on your technical skills: You’ll need a good understanding of the no-code tools you’re working on to make sure you’re able to deliver the scope of work agreed on.
  2. Good communication skills: Communication helps you work with clients more seamlessly, and maintain good relationships with them. Plus, it’ll help you connect with potential new leads that can convert to paying clients.
  3. Solid project management: Sticking to timelines, managing complex projects efficiently, and delivering work – all of it requires good project management skills to stay on top of your workflow.
  4. Community! Even if you work alone, it helps to have a community around you. It motivates you, gives you inspiration and ideas, and can help you find new leads. Connect with communities on Adalo or on Twitter!

Hear from CompLab – A No-code Agency that Builds Adalo Apps

When it comes to no-code freelancing, I want tor recommend it to everyone. But of course it comes with its challenges. For example, you will get rejected a lot when looking for clients. Rejection is part of the job!

Also, it’s so much more than just building and designing apps. You have to run the other parts of the business too, whether it’s marketing, managing, a team, things like that.

To succeed as a no-code freelancer, you must genuinely love making apps, because you’ll be doing a LOT of it. But the great thing is that you’ll be doing a lot of different kinds of work to run your business. It’s a great opportunity to widen your skill set and do things that may seem unfamiliar to you.

For me, for example, that was stuff like operations or sales. I wasn’t very good at it. But if I don’t do it, nobody else will. So I had to step up do the sales and research, and just learn as I went along.

The entire process has been quite amazing for me. When I started this, I didn't imagine that I’d be able to earn from it and have a team. I truly believe anyone can earn from no-code tools!

Interested in Becoming a No-code Freelancer?

The Adalo App Academy has a series of useful courses and resources on building a business through no-code tools. Interviews of Adalo experts, tips for success, project management tools, and more – all of it is freely available! Check out some of these helpful resources:

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