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You’ve been operating your painting business for some time and have a steady stream of business. But you can always use more clients.  

How do you get more clients? You need to get leads– people who know you and your business. To get more leads, you need to spread the word about your painting business to make your company a household name throughout your community. 

We know that’s easier said than done - So in this article, we’ll give you three actionable tactics that you can use to get more leads for your painting business.

Make Social Media a Marathon

You most likely have social media, like Facebook and Instagram. To really leverage your work, you must make a consistent effort on social media, ensuring you’re actively posting pictures and videos from your latest projects. 

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your social media: 

  1. Use the stories and reels function to showcase your work in different stages. You can transform the simplest touch-up into a beautiful and compelling before-and-after narrative. 
  2. Once or twice a week, create educational videos that demonstrate your professional authority. Walk your audience through DIY projects, like applying weather stripping to a door. 
  3. Give clients a discount or voucher for posting content displaying your work– with a link to your business in the comment. When clients do this, they publicize your professional abilities for minimal cost.   
  4. Even if your next project doesn’t start until next week, remember to post social media content daily. Doing this will show your network that you’re actively marketing your business. 
  5. Rapidly snapping photos and videos and immediately posting them is a no-no. Ensure you have good lighting when taking pictures, hold your camera still, and use the right filter when filming. Take the time to edit your content before you post. Remember that the appearance of your published content will reflect directly on your professionalism

If you’re active on social media, people in your network will see it, and your network will slowly grow. The good news is that you have content for social media whenever you work on a project. 

Being active on social media is a great way to popularize your painting brand while getting leads. 

Run Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a powerful form of digital advertising to promote your painting services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. For around $500 or less, you create an ad featuring your social media account. Just follow these steps to get your ad up and running: 

  1. Select your ad format: Social media platforms allow single-image or video ads. You will be fighting for your audience’s attention, so create an eye-catching ad for social media users to, at the very least, stop scrolling. Your ultimate goal is to get your audience to tap the ad and contact you.  
  2. Design your ad: You can use video or pictures for your ad. You must ensure that your ad gives your target audience a good idea of your work and expertise, so feature your best work in the most aesthetically pleasing settings to grab viewers’ attention.  

    The idea is to captivate people with your work so they can’t resist tapping on your ad. When they do, it will take them to your business page to learn more about your services.  
  1. Define your target audience: On the ad launcher, choose the age, location, business type, and interests of the people you want your ad to reach. Defining your target audience is one of the most critical aspects of your ad campaign because these will be the people seeing your ad.

    Set your geographic location to a few miles within your business. Target people who have recently moved and are in an age group most likely to own property (between age 30-70). Also, ensure the job function is set to people who might work with painters, like contractors, real estate agents, and moving companies.  
  2. Launch Your Campaign: Once you set all your parameters, click "Launch", and your ad will go live.

Most social media ad campaigns take your payment in advance and deduce money for every “impression”–or when a user stops for a few seconds to read your ad–or for when users “engage” with it, that is, comment on it or click on it. 

It may take some time before your social media ads campaign pays off–don’t just post an ad and expect dozens of leads to flood your inbox. Stay active on social media, and consistently post pictures and videos of your work showing that you’re busy and making customers happy. 

Don’t just initiate a social media ad campaign one time. Keep it consistent, and adjust your demographic accordingly. Consistency will ensure more people see your ad. Some will eventually contact you, which will help you gather more leads

Reach Out to Contractors and Real Estate Agents

Your most significant source of leads might be those who need your services for their operations. Who are these untapped lead gold mines? We’re talking about real estate agents, contractors, and moving companies.

Many real estate agents sell homes requiring upgrades before the buyers move in. One major upgrade is painting–both interior and exterior. Similarly, while construction companies specialize in building homes, they usually subcontract much of the work that goes into home building—like plumbing, electrical wiring, landscaping, and painting. 

Don’t forget about moving companies. Their customers often want to make sure the house they’re moving into has a fresh coat of paint. Reach out to moving companies in your area and offer to provide that fresh coat of paint their clients desperately need. By giving them the option, you’ll save them the time it takes to find a painting company and make their clients happy.

If you’re having difficulties reaching out to contractors and real-estate agents, offer your services to the clients directly by putting leaflets advertising your services on the doors of new builds. Spreading leaflets can get you in direct contact with homeowners. 

Use Adalo To Get More Leads

It’s not just about the total number of leads your business gets- The most important number is how many leads you close. In other words, how many leads go from just looking at your website or calling you to actually booking a painting job?

Before seeking real estate agents and contractors out on Google Business or social media, build an app that makes booking your services a breeze. Use a no-code, drag-and-drop interface app builder like Adalo to tailor your booking app. You can integrate it into any calendar software.  

Once you get your app up and running, you can make it available for download on the Apple iOS and Google Play Store. When you pitch your services to contractors and real-estate agents, include a link to download your app. They’ll most likely be impressed by your abilities to harness technology, making booking business with you a breeze. 

You can also make your booking app available to regular clients as well. On your social media, provide links to your app’s location on the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores.


Stay Consistent 

Getting leads for your painting business is a long game. You acquire a new follower on social media for each new customer for whom you perform your services. Keep building relationships with contractors and real estate agents, and don’t forget to start an ad campaign every couple of months. 

Get started building your painting app for free.