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If you’ve dabbled in no-code app building, you’ve most likely come across a component that most app-building platforms include: An application programming interface or API.

After some tinkering, you might have realized that the APIs that come with their app-building platform don’t perform the exact tasks they need. This dilemma makes folks ponder: If only there were no-code API building platforms…  

Well, it’s your lucky day. Currently, several no-code API building platforms exist on the market. And, armed with over a decade of experience reviewing hundreds of no-code tools, including no-code API builders, I’m here to discuss them. 

In this article, I’ll introduce the 5 best no-code API builders.

The Top 5 Best No-Code API Builders in 2024

  • Zapier, the best overall no-code API builder
  • Make, the cheapest no-code API builder
  • Retool, the most robust no-code API builder
  • No Code API, the no-code API builder for simple APIs
  • Xano, the no-code API builder with the biggest ecosystem

What is a No-Code API Builder?

APIs, Explained 

Before I discuss no-code API builders, let’s first discuss APIs. While many believe it’s a super complex tool that takes hours of study to understand, I’m here to assure you that an API is just a simple tool that adds power to software and applications. 

Here’s how APIs add power to software and apps: By connecting with external software systems and apps using the web and drawing certain features, functions, or data from them. 

Think of an API as a power cord, with a big plug on one side and several prongs on the other. The big plug connects to your app, which takes features and information from different applications using the smaller prongs. The smaller prongs connect to external apps.

What is a No-Code API Builder?

No-code API builders allow you to design your own API, much like a no-code app-building platform. You’ll start by choosing from a selection of templates, dragging and dropping components to configure your API, and connecting to various data sources and services without writing traditional code. 

What Can You Build With a No-Code API Builder?

While the clear and obvious answer here is “a variety of APIs,” every API executes a different task. But APIs can provide your app with a great deal of functionality and power, allowing you or your team to perform jobs and get information fast. 

Here are just a few examples of tools that you can build with a no-code API builder: 

  • Internal and External Data Integrations: Draw and synchronize data from external software applications like the QuickBooks example above.
  • Automated Workflows: Automate those dull and time-consuming repetitive tasks by setting up APIs that trigger actions across multiple applications. For example, when you get a new lead that fills out a form on your website or app, your API can automatically add that lead to your CRM funnel and simultaneously send a welcome email.
  • Performance Dashboards: Gather and aggregate data from different sources, such as your e-commerce app, CRM system, accounting software, and more, to analyze your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs) or any other metric you wish. 

What To Look For in a No-Code API Builder

There are dozens of no-code API builders, so choosing one that fits your needs can be confusing. However, the leading no-code API building platforms all share these features:

  • Third-Party Integrations: Make sure your no-code API builder has many third-party integrations. These are simply the external apps that the API you create can connect to. For instance, a third-party integration with Google Workspace will let you draw data from your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and more. 
  • A Free Plan: Before choosing the tool to build your APIs, you’ll want to test a few different no-code API building platforms. Doing this will give you a feel for which ones you like the most, allowing you to make the best choice. 
  • Scalability: As your app’s user base grows, you’ll need to ensure that your API can handle the volume of data and the number of API calls (the number of apps and software your API plugs into). 

    Ideally, your no-code API building platform should be able to produce an API that can scale without significant changes to your setup or disruptions to your app. 
  • Ecosystem: A no-code API building platform must have a thriving ecosystem, which is the summation of its tutorials, help documents, community forums, developer products, and anything else to make your building experience go smoothly.  

#1 The Best Overall No-Code API Builder


What is it? 

Zapier is a no-code API-building platform that automates workflows between web applications by creating "Zaps," which are automated triggers for specific actions across your apps.

Why do I like it? 

Here’s the reason why Zapier is the best overall no-code API builder: It has over 6,000 integrations with third-party software and apps. So when you connect your app to Zapier, you’ll have the power to streamline data from all your accounts (Gmail, QuickBooks, Hubspot, and pretty much anything) to a single app. 

Who is it best for? 

Zapier is ideal for anyone looking to gather data from several third-party apps. Regardless of your business’s size, Zapier’s power, integrations, and automated workflows can help supercharge your app.


For $29.99/month (billed monthly), you can get an unlimited number of “zaps” (connections to other apps), and you’ll be able to format where the data from each third-party platform is added to your app. If you have multiple administrators, try out Zapier’s Team version at $103.50/month (billed monthly). 


  • Zapier lets you schedule when you want to collect data from your third-party apps. For instance, you can schedule a zap to send profit information every time you make a purchase.  
  • To ensure the data you gather is always organized, you can command each zap to send data to a predetermined place in your app’s database.

#2 The Cheapest No-Code API Builder


What is it? 

Formerly known as Integromat, Make lets you visually create, design, and implement automated systems by connecting APIs from different applications all over the web. 

Why do I like it? 

Make stands out for its cutting-edge visual interface, which allows for automation workflows that you can see play out in real time. This makes (no pun intended) it easier to manage data flow from third-party apps to yours. 

Additionally, Make boasts a vast library of pre-built templates thanks to its large community of developers. 

Who is it best for? 

While Make does have an enterprise version that’s targeted to companies that want to scale their API, it's particularly suited for everyone from freelancers up to medium-sized businesses because you can use Make’s ready-made features right out of the box. 


To build a simple API that can make up to 60 data requests per minute, get Make’s Core Version for $10.59/month (billed monthly). If you need to get granular and specific data from targeted parts of an app, look no further than the Pro Version at $18.82/month (billed monthly).


  • Make has one of the easiest-to-use drag-and-drop building interfaces.
  • You’ll get tools for executing complex logic to organize your data to meet your app's needs. 

#3 The Most Robust No-Code API Builder


What is it? 

Retool is a robust no-code API builder that can also be used to create other tools for organizing and visualizing data. 

Why do I like it? 

Unlike most other no-code API builders, Retool stands out for its flexibility. Not only can you create an API to connect with and gather data from external apps, but Retool also enables you to assemble complex workflows, organize your logic, and visualize data.

Who is it best for? 

Retool serves the needs of businesses or organizations of all sizes. However, Retool has a “per-standard user and end-user pricing model.” Retool defines a standard user as someone who can edit and build the company API and an end-user as someone who works with the API, meaning they access it to crunch data, make charts, etc. 

Organizations should always keep a running tab on the total number of editors on their API, or the fee could be very high. 


If you have under 5 users, get Retool for $12/month for each person with editing access (standard user) plus $7/month per end user (no editing access, but will use the API for work). 

For those with a bigger team, check out the Business Version, at $65/month for each person with editing access (standard user) plus $18/month per end user (no editing access, but will use the API for work).


  • Retool allows you to host your own API on-prem (on your own server). Doing this enhances both your API’s security and your IT Team’s satisfaction levels. 

#4 The No-Code API Builder For Simple APIs

No Code API 

What is it? 

The No-Code API is an intuitive API builder that allows you to make a simple API to gather data from limited sources. 

Why do I like it? 

Sometimes, individuals and small businesses don’t need a fully loaded no-code API builder with tons of features and thousands of integrations. No-Code API is the answer for those who just need to create a simple API for a simple app. 

Who is it best for? 

Because most of its plans come with limited integrations, The No Code API is best for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses on a budget that doesn’t need to gather tons of data from a dizzying number of sources.


Although you only get 5 integrations for your API, the Personal Version is only $12/month (billed monthly). Get 10 integrations for $29/month (billed monthly). For those who need an unlimited number of integrations, go for the $49/month (billed monthly) version. 


  • No-Code API makes it easy to create your API. It has dozens of pre-made templates and features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. 
  • You’ll also get powerful analytics and data-monitoring capabilities with No-Code API, letting you get the most out of the data you gather. 

#5 The No-Code API Builder With the Biggest Ecosystem


What is it? 

Xano isn’t just a no-code API builder; it’s a full-scale backend builder. 

Why do I like it? 

Xano is your one-stop shop for creating not just your API but an entire backend, which is any app's command center and memory bank. While you’ll need to bring some technical knowledge, you can create an API and backend that does pretty much anything you want.

Who is it best for? 

Xano is best suited for those with a technical or IT background. However, Xano is designed to meet the needs of medium to large businesses and beyond, so if you fall into these categories, you’ll most likely have a few techies on your team. 


After the free version, get Xano’s Launch Version for $99/month (billed monthly), and you’ll be able to build unlimited records with up to 3 teammates. Check out the Scale Version for $225/month (billed monthly) for those needing more workspaces and enhanced security features. 


  • Out of all the no-code API builders on my list, Xano has the best ecosystem. On the building dashboard, you’ll get a tutorial to walk you through how to use every feature. You’ll also get access to a lively forum and a marketplace where you can hire coaches for support. 
  • Xano integrates with several no-code app builders, such as Adalo, Glide, Bubble, and more. These integrations make it easy to build a super powerful app with a Xano API and backend.   

Create Your Next App With Adalo 

Have you figured out which no-code API builder you’ll choose, but are now wondering about a no-code app builder? Look no further than Adalo. 

Adalo is a no-code mobile app-building platform that’s insanely simple to use — you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to make an app with Adalo. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to immediately start creating your app using Adalo’s powerful yet simple drag-and-drop interface. 

Build any app you can imagine with Adalo — like one for your restaurant, CRM, salon, or more. Then, connect your API to Adalo. Adalo integrates with over 5,500 third-party platforms, including all the no-code API builders on our list. 

Once you finish creating your app, publish it to the web, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Stores to get it in front of billions of eyes. Sign up to Adalo now for free, and bring any app idea to life.

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