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The App Development Cost Calculator was launched using data from app makers and freelancers and interviews with experts to help users get accurate estimates for the cost of building an app.

No-code app building has become a cost-effective and efficient way to build high-quality apps using visual drag-and-drop tools. Adalo has empowered makers from around the world to build mobile apps without code.

It has also opened new opportunities for a growing market for outsourcing no-code product building. Adalo’s no-code freelancers, The Adalo Experts, are a team of professionals that build apps for clients.

Get Accurate Cost Estimates for Building an App

To help simplify the process of determining the cost of building apps, Adalo’s education team has launched The App Development Cost Calculator.

The calculator provides accurate estimates for building a mobile app based on the features and the complexity of the app. It is useful to budget for app building whether it’s being outsourced to a no-code freelancer or Adalo Expert, or if users are building the app themselves.

Working With No-Code Freelancers is Easier

With the growing benefits of having a mobile app for businesses, and the many tools and options available to build an app, determining the cost of an app can be challenging. The app cost calculator has made it much easier to scope out app building projects and work with no-code freelancers to build a mobile app.

Easy to Use and Completely Free!

The App Development Cost Calculator has no fees attached to it, and its step-by-step process makes it easy to use. Simply add in the app category (e.g. social media app, directory app, etc.), the features needed, and a few quick details to get an app building cost estimate.

Connect With No-Code Freelancers on Adalo

The Adalo Experts program simplifies the process of building apps through a platform of expert app makers and designers. Located around the world, with varied expertise, these vetted freelancers are equipped to build powerful mobile apps along with providing support for publishing, design and branding, and ongoing quality assurance.

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