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Over the years, you built up your hair salon. Perfecting your hair-styling skills, establishing your salon, and attracting a crowd of happy clients. This was no easy feat. Although you have a thriving business, one thing you don’t have is a website. 

In this day and age, almost every organization has a website.  Even with social media’s popularity, having a website is crucial for your hair salon. Not having a website puts you way back in the stone age. There are no longer any excuses! 

A website will attract more clients to your salon and popularize your brand.

In this article, we’ll give you three reasons why you should make a website for your salon.

Reason 1: A Website Showcases Your Salon to the World

The internet has become the phonebook of the 21st century. People looking to find a new hair salon will most likely use Google. To compete, you need to have a website for your salon. 

If you lack a website, new customers will have a difficult time finding your salon. So, let’s talk about building a website.

What To Include on Your Salon’s Website

Your salon’s website should have information that drives people to book an appointment with your salon. Here are some valuable nuggets of information that your website needs to feature:  

  1. Your hair salon’s name, physical address, and contact information.  
  1. List out your specialties and services. Do you provide the best highlights in town, or did you study at a renowned beauty college in Milan? Include this information on your website – it will vouch for your professional experience and should bring in even more clients
  1. Visuals of your work and salon equipment you use. Include a few pics of the bridesmaids’ hairstyles you crafted for that destination wedding in the Maldives. Clients will want to see your work because they’ll want to ensure that they walk out of your salon feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to smash life’s challenges.

    If you’ve got the latest digital perm machinery, throw in a few pictures to show clients that you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to hair tech. They might find this impressive and wish to book your services. 
  1. Information about your business hours. It goes without saying that clients need to know when you’re available so they can make time in their schedule to see you and have their roots looked at! 

Your salon’s website will serve as a digital place that answers clients’ questions about your abilities as a hairstylist, how to reach you, and when you’re available. This information will help you bring in more clients. 

Reason 2: Build Your Hair Salon’s Brand With Top-Quality Content  

You can use your website as a platform to share your opinions about the latest trends in the hair industry. Do this by writing one or two informative articles monthly. 

Here are some topic ideas you can explore: 

  • The latest haircut trends in men's and women’s fashion. 
  • An overview of hair coloring and highlighting techniques. 
  • Advice about hair care during the different seasons
  • Hairstyles for special occasions and events. 
  • Hair and scalp care for infants and toddlers
  • How to maintain healthy hair
  • A guide to understanding different hair types and what styles and cuts fit them best.  
  • At-home remedies for hair growth.

You’ll most likely love writing about your passion. The more articles you publish, the more your audience will recognize you as a knowledgeable professional. Clients might come to you with questions because they trust you. They’ll also be more likely to book your services. 

Reason 3: Connect With And Get Feedback From Your Clients

While your website will be an excellent platform to promote your haircare services and illustrate your expertise, it will also serve as a tool to communicate with your clients

Having a website allows you to incorporate tools like an appointment scheduler, introduce new members of your team, allow clients to provide reviews, and much more. 

Clients will love being informed about your hair salon’s newest services after they visit your hair salon website. When potential clients read reviews that you feature, they’ll be more likely to book your services.  

Why not take your website idea to the next level and build your own app with Adalo? If you don’t have any technical, programming, or coding skills, Adalo is the perfect app builder for you

When you use Adalo’s slick no-code drag-and-drop interface, you can create an app with the following features:

  • Build out your own online booking tool so clients can make appointments directly from your app. They’ll love being able to reserve a spot with a simple push of a button. 

    You’ll also be able to offer immediate feedback about a client’s desired hairstyle instead of trudging through and organizing your appointments. 
  • Create a photo and video library complete with examples of every service you offer. Your clients will be able to see what services you offer, which will give them a better idea of what you can provide. The more options, the better!
  • Include a direct messaging system for easy communication. Your very own messaging system creates a space for communication for you and your clients only, making you look more professional. 

Next Steps: Get Started Building Your Website

Convinced that you need your own website for your hair salon but don’t have any experience building a website or writing code? Use a website builder that leverages an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This tool lets non-technical people build eye-catching and professional websites. 

You’ll find many site builders to choose from. But we love reviewing website builders and found three that feature easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces:  

  1. Adalo: Adalo is not just an app builder, it’s also a website builder. It’s very simple to use – just choose a template that fits your needs and start building. Adalo has over 5,500 integrations to programs and services like Zapier, Square, and Quickbooks will help ease your business’s operations. 

    Pricing: Adalo’s pricing starts at $36/month.
  1. Weebly: If you’re on a budget, Weebly is a great option. You’ll also get access to a large library full of high-quality and visually appealing templates for building your salon’s site. Weebly’s connection to Square’s payment platform makes accepting cashless payments a breeze.

    Pricing: Weebly starts at $13/month, but if you want to get payment features and advanced site analytics, you’ll need to pay $29/month for the professional version
  1. Wix: You’ll find Wix’s website builder super easy to use, allowing you to build your site fast. Wix also comes equipped with an integration to Semrush, an SEO tool that will help you get your blog in front of more readers. Can’t find the right template? Wix lets you make your own template from scratch.

    Pricing: While Wix starts at $16/month, you’ll have to pay $27/month to leverage the full benefits of the SEO tool. 

After you build your site, remember to optimize it for mobile and desktop viewers. Don’t worry, each site builder we chose has tools that allow you to do so, ensuring your site always appears flawlessly on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Every now and then, you’ll want to switch up your website’s appearance by adding new pictures or changing the color scheme. Doing this will keep your site fresh and appealing, which should bring more clients to your site.  

Boost Your Hair Salon’s Website With Adalo

Not sure whether you need a website, an app or both? Adalo is an ideal choice.

Adalo is both a website and mobile app builder that’s very simple to use. If you don’t have any programming or technical skills, you can still make apps like a pro. It is also full of integrations to over 5,500 applications. Seamlessly connect your Zapier, Google, or Airtable accounts to your Adalo app. 

Adalo is connected with PayPal, Stripe, and Square, so you’ll be able to receive payments in a jiff. Make your app accessible to everyone by publishing it on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or your very own site. Getting your app in front of your clients has never been easier. 

Start building your hair salon app for free.

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