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You already built a website for your church. You chose amazing templates and highlighted your church’s message and energy by including a few videos of your sermons. 

The problem is you haven’t seen an increase in visitors traffic to your website. You want to have a strong online presence, but you’re struggling to. How can you get more people to your website? 

Read on because you’re now in the right place.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few tips that you can use to enhance your church website’s design to bring in more visitors. 

Tip 1: Make Sure You’re Plugged Into Google Business 

Connecting your church website to Google Business is important because it lets Google know your church exists, allows people to leave reviews, and puts your church on Google Maps. By connecting to Google Business, people will be able to find your church and its website with ease. 

Here’s how to connect to Google Business: 

  1. Go to Google Business and sign into your Google Account. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t have a Google Account, no worries. Create one here
  1. Create a Google Business Profile by completing the form with all the necessary information about your church. You’ll need to include your church’s name, contact number, website, your church’s physical address, and service hours. 
  1. Find a few beautiful pictures of your church and upload them to your Google Account. You’ll want to showcase your church in a positive light, so select the best photo of your church and use it as your Google Maps cover image. 
  1. Allow people to leave reviews, and get in the habit of posting new photos of your church from recent events to your Google Business Profile. Doing this will show people viewing your church on Google Maps that you’re actively holding fun events, and people might want to join in on the action.

Google Business and Google Maps are an extension of your church's website. By maintaining these features, you’ll enhance your website and church’s appearance, which should help bring more people to your website. 

Tip 2: Keep Your Site Simple With Fewer Pages

If you have a huge website with dozens of pages, it’s time to give your website design a rethink. Organizing all your content in an easily accessible place will enhance your design and the user experience.  

If accessing that content is a difficult task for your visitors, they will navigate away from your site. Include these pages on your website to tell the story of your church:

  • Homepage: This is the intro page, and you should include a picture or video of your church here. If you make this page eye-catching, you’ll be able to capture people’s attention, and they’ll be more likely to carry on scrolling through your site. 
  • About: Use this page to write a short introduction about your church and what makes your church unique. Try to give a brief summary of your particular denomination and how you apply the Bible’s lessons to this page. 

    Include your biography below the church summary. If you have multiple pastors or others who help you manage your church, include their bios as well. 

    Showcasing staff biographies will personalize your site and let site visitors get to know you and your team by reading a few sentences. This may drive them to give your church a visit.  
  • Contact Page: On this page, post a contact form that people interested in your church can fill out. Make sure they can leave their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and include some space for them to ask questions or post comments. Be sure to respond to people quickly, as they’ll be more likely to keep the communication going and maybe more likely to join your church.   
  • Your Church’s Message (Content Library): While you most likely have content like videos, articles, and images, it’s crucial that you place all your content in one easily accessible place.

    Your content library can be divided into three or more sections. For instance, one section includes videos of sermons or events, another one with a photo gallery, and a final one full of articles you wrote. 

    Consider posting links to related content on your site at the end of content articles. For example, At the end of the article about the Sermon on the Mount, include a link to a video clip showing a Bible study session where a few members of your congregation discuss its meaning to them. 

    Doing this will add more value to your content. People will be able to maximize the amount of knowledge they take away from your site. This will make them want to keep coming back to your site to read new content.

Whenever you decide that your site needs to be redesigned, keep in mind that you need to make it simple. The easier it is for people to navigate and find what they’re looking for, the better.

Tip 3: Take Your Site One Step Further and Build Your Own App 

Want to increase engagement and user experience even more? Create an app for your church with an app builder like Adalo. Don’t worry, you don’t need any coding, programming, or technical knowledge to build your app with Adalo. 

Adalo’s codeless, intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you build your own app with your mouse or screen. You’ll be able to quickly learn Adalo’s user-friendly app-building system in no time. 

Adalo has over 5,500 integrations that you can put into your app. You’ll be able to build out tools that leverage the power of Google, Zapier, Twilio, PayPal and thousands more. 

An app for your church can offer people many convenient benefits. Here are just a few features you can build with Adalo:

  • A Prayer Page: Let your app users request prayers from members of your congregation. After a congregant prays, they can notify the person who requested the prayer through the app. A Prayer Page can build a strong sense of community among your congregation. 
  • Event Scheduling: Build out a feature that notifies your church members of upcoming events like camping trips, picnics, or rehearsals for the Easter Celebration - and give them the option to sign up directly from the app with the press of a button. 
  • Donations: Adalo has integrations with popular payment platforms like Stripe, Square, and PayPal. Use these to raise money for the charities your church supports. You can also accept tithes from your congregation through your app. You’ll be able to manage finances and charitable donations easily with an app made in Adalo. 
  • Your Very Own Chat Feature: Use Adalo’s Twilio integration to build a chat feature for fluid communication within your congregation. New visitors can directly message congregation members to learn more about your church and join the community. A messaging app can help new members feel welcomed and continue building your community. 

After building your app, you can publish it on your website, the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Creating your own app for your church will enhance how people interact with you and your congregation. 

Next Steps

To ensure your website stays user-friendly, you’ll need to put in daily work. Always publish content.

Make sure the new pages you add are well-organized and easily accessible. Encourage people to leave reviews of your sermons and overall church experience on Google Maps. Doing this will demonstrate your popularity to visitors. The more popular your site, the more visitors you’ll get.

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