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After dialing in your gym equipment, hiring staff, and building relationships with clients, it’s no wonder you barely have any time left to grow your gym’s client base. 

Marketing your gym is the key to getting more clients in the door and growing your gym’s profits. While marketing your gym might sound intimidating, read on because you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’ll give you four simple marketing ideas to help you increase your gym’s profits.

Beef Up Your Gym’s Website

Ensuring your website provides a friendly user experience is important for getting more clients. Your gym’s website represents your brand and professional abilities. If you have a polished website, you’ll be more likely to get more visitors to your site.  

Follow these pointers to give your website a tune-up:

  • It should be super easy for website visitors to find your brick-and-mortar building. Ensure your gym’s physical address is easy to find on all site pages. When website visitors can easily find your gym, they’ll be more likely to drop in for a consultation. 
  • Not connected to Google Business? Drop everything and get this done now! Navigate to Google Business and fill out all the required information - this should take just a few minutes. 

    After Google sends you a confirmation email, your gym will literally be on Google Maps. This will make it easy for people to find your gym on the Google Maps app.
  • At least once a month, write about topics related to physical fitness. You can write about nutrition, muscle gains, and more. The idea is to share your expertise and give more people a reason to visit your site

    When they learn about your opinions on certain topics, they’ll think of you as an expert and be more likely to recruit your services. 
  • Only use the most eye-catching, high-quality pictures of your gym on your website. The pictures you use will reflect your gym’s professionalism, and if you use unattractive pictures, they will reflect poorly on your gym. 

Polishing your gym’s website will take some time, and you’ll also have to work on it every day. But just like following a CrossFit routine, you’ll start to see gains - in the form of more people being interested in your gym and more consultations. 

Build an App for Your Gym 

Save time on bookings, promotional periods, and client relationship management (CRM) when you build your gym’s very own app that looks, feels, and works to your liking using the app builder Adalo

Wait - don’t you need a computer science degree and tons of programming experience to build your very own app? Not with Adalo. Adalo uses an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that you’ll be able to learn in seconds. 

Creating an app with Adalo is a piece of cake. Choose a template from Adalo’s template library, mix and match the color scheme, insert your own photos, and start building. 

When you build with Adalo, you’ll be able to include a heavyweight number of features. Here are just some of the things tools that you can put in your app:

  • Create a booking system for personal training sessions, courts, or other fitness room reservations. Your clients will love the simplicity of booking a class or pickleball court with a press and a swipe. 
  • Create a CRM system to serve your clients better. You can enter their fitness data, goals, and other information. Doing this can help your clients reach their fitness goals, which will make them more likely to stay loyal to your gym. 
  • Simplify taking client payments with Adalo’s integrations to popular payment platforms like Stripe, Square, and PayPal. When you integrate payments into your own app, you won’t have to worry about taking cash or swiping cards. 
  • With Adalo, you can create your very own messaging system that works within your app. Your clients will love the simplicity of communicating with you and your team, as they won’t need to fiddle around with text messaging, SMS, or WhatsApp to find their conversations with you. 
  • Do you have cool merch and want to reach a bigger audience? Create your own online store with Adalo’s Shopify integration. You’ll be able to sell those awesome trucker hats to people all over the country.  

Adalo comes packed with over 5,500 integrations. You’ll be able to implement almost all the features, to your exact taste, that most other gym or personal fitness apps have. 

When your app is ready to go, allow your clients to download it for free on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or your website. Everyone will love how convenient it is to get your app.   

Run Ads For Your Gym on Social Media 

Running ads on social media like Instagram and Facebook can get your gym in front of a larger audience, grow your following, and get new clients into your gym. Social media ads are also budget-friendly - you can run an effective ad campaign for under $500.  

Just follow these steps to launch your ad campaign:

  1. Set the location of the people you want to reach. Ideally, these people should be at a distance that’s an ideal commute to your gym. 
  1. Enter your target audience's hobbies, careers, ages, and demographics. Try to attract people who enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking. Many active people would love to get into a gym to train for that 20-mile hike they’ve got planned next month. 
  1. Pay your social media company the amount of money you have budgeted and launch your campaign. An ad for your gym will appear on the feeds of thousands of people within your selected area and demographic. 

    Whenever a person takes the time to look at your ad, the social media company will deduct a little money from your payment.
    Your money will run out after enough people do this, and your campaign will end. 
  1. You’ll receive a notification that will give you a statistical report of your ad campaign. This report will illustrate how many people visited your social media feed. Review this report carefully, and use the findings to improve your next campaign

Rejig each campaign by featuring different photos or videos of your gym. When you do this, you’ll show a different angle of your gym to your target audience, and you might get more interest in your gym. 

Be sure to run social media ad campaigns at least once every two months. If you have a bottomless budget, you can consistently run ad campaigns. Doing this should help spread the word about your gym all over socials.  

Run Promotional Periods 

Implement a “friends for free” program at your gym, where members can bring in friends for a limited time and use your gym’s facilities for free. If the visitor decides to join during the promotional period, give both them and the referring member a solid discount. 

Use your Adalo-made app to launch your promotional period. With Adalo, you can send push notifications, which will get the word about your promotional period quickly. 

You won’t need to worry about hanging promotional banners in your gym and hoping everyone sees them. Just send out a push notification, and everyone should get the memo. 


Each day, work on these tactics so you can aim for maximum benefits. Write a few paragraphs in your current month’s article, make sure your site looks good, and ensure your app is running smoothly. Be sure to make slight changes to every ad campaign. Just like in the gym, consistent effort will eventually reap results!