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Adalo & Firebase

Host your external collections on Firebase for your Adalo applications! Use Adalo and Firebase to build a robust, comprehensive database for your app.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is Google’s mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve, and grow your app. Firebase lets you build collaborative applications with real-time events, giving the end user a responsive experience.

Using Firebase as a Database

Firebase helps developers in a build a powerful back-end for their apps. No programming is required on the Firebase side which makes it easy to use its features more efficiently. 

How to Use Firebase with Adalo

External Collections

Relational Databases for People Who Don’t Know How to Code | Adalo Blog

Create your Firebase Project - Adalo Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Firebase a database application?

Firebase is Google’s mobile app back-end platform that can be used to host databases for mobile applications. Its advantages include an end-to-end development environment, faster time to market to create apps, and scalable infrastructure.

How do you use Firebase with Adalo?

Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web. You may be choosing between Xano, Firebase, or Airtable – here’s a quick intro to external collections to help you decide.

I need help using Firebase with Adalo, where do I find it?

We’ve done some troubleshooting for you already in this video! Additionally, here are some great resources to help you build an app without code — that includes expert tutorials, follow-along videos, and more. You could also contact an Adalo Expert to help you along the way.

Explore more resources:

More Integrations

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