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Ever wanted to grow your mobile app audience but didn’t know how? Have you built a no-code mobile app and need a concrete plan for getting those downloads in?

Here’s how Axel Meta managed to grow his no-code Adalo app to over 250,000 downloads. His strategies, tips, and ideas are sure to get you going on the right track to scaling your app.

This is how he did it!

  1. Highlight the Problem You’re Trying to Solve

The first thing that we did really well is to target the app to a specific problem and make sure that that problem was inside our apps title on the App Store and Play Store. That allows people who search for a solution to that specific problem to find your app really easily.

  1. Experiment with Monetization

The next step that I would recommend is experiment with monetization of your app. I think Google makes your app rank higher if you monetize your app.

From what I’ve seen (Disclaimer: this is just my experience!), the earlier you start monetizing your service, the earlier Facebook, Google, Apple might rank your app. I'm not sure if that's a actual fact, but it has worked for me.

The moment we started monetizing, we got more downloads.

  1. Get A Really Good App Icon

The next thing is really iterate on the app icon. That's the first thing people see on the app store about your app. Make sure that shows the problem or has a really clear indication of what it is.

  1. Target a Specific Niche

Targeting a specific niche always works, and helps people find what they’re looking for. I knew people needed to convert meeting notes and WhatsApp audio notes. So I made sure that our titles had convert audio to text meetings.

I also realized that when searching, a lot of people don’t know the word ‘transcription’. They often think of it as ‘translation’. Or some people don't know either transcription or translation, they search for convert audio to text. So by using the words ‘translate audio to text’, I was able to help people find what they were looking for.

So knowing how to communicate your offering based on what your audience uses to describe their problem is something that will help you get seen and be discovered by the right people on the app stores.

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