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Blaise Clair is the CTO at UpCode Studios. Blaise and his team  build exceptional websites, apps, software, and marketing campaigns using no-code tools. They have a wide range of clients – from small businesses and franchises, to nonprofits and religious groups. He was approached by a client that had a unique set of requests, and UpCode was up for the challenge!

An app for American-made products

The idea was to create a catalog of American-made products with a robust and slick search function to help people find what they were looking for. Users needed to refine their search results with filters or by navigating through categories. Additionally, their client wanted to include personalized recommendations based on user behavior – a smart app for discerning users.

To build this idea out, Blaise and his team at UpCode needed an MVP that they could get out the door quickly. It had to be cost-effective and customizable. Adalo was a great fit for this project because it offered the flexibility to make changes on the fly without incurring additional costs.

“Adalo had so many pre-built visual elements like login screens and push notifications and I could show the client so many examples of apps built on the platform, which made it easy to convince them to build their app on Adalo,” said Blaise.

“This was important because my client had a very specific vision for what the app should look like. He needed it to be clean and visually-appealing, something that was in line with Adalo’s look and feel. Adalo provided a good balance between customization and affordability, making it the ideal solution for his needs.”

Building Out My MIA

The app was named "My MIA" (My Made in America). UpCode’s client had a hard time finding genuinely American-made products and wanted to provide a vetted resource for others to use. The app initially focused on bigger and midsize brands, and included a variety of product categories, ranging from kitchen appliances to car parts.

“Their mission was to easily provide listings of American made products to the consumer through our mobile application. The quality of the products was the USP of this directory app,” said Blaise. In order to create a user-friendly database that catalogs American-made products, including rating and review systems, the team at UpCode had to make it easy for users to explore. Features like search, filter, and category navigation were essential.

The app also needed interactive features that allowed users to favorite products and individual store pages. “Users can search for products either by entering a keyword or browsing through brands like Amazon's homepage. Once they find an American-made product, they get connected to the company's website. We also made a search bar that looks for keywords in the product titles and descriptions, not just the title.”

My MIA is free to use, and the plan is to add as many brands as possible while building relationships with them to create affiliate programs. The project will highlight favorite brands and include a unique code or link that connects users through the affiliate relationship.

Adalo automates the initial steps of setting up a new page or app, making it a repeatable and effortless process. This feature is especially helpful in creating links and transitions between screens.

Happy Clients = Repeat Business

The app-building process was collaborative, with the UpCode team running screen-share sessions with their client to design the screens. Adalo’s preview link makes it easy to show the client what the app will look like in real time, and they appreciated the visual building process.

When discussing the process of building the app, Blaise highlighted the key benefits for them choosing Adalo: “The platform provides you with the basic features right away, such as sign-up, sign-in, and welcome screens. Even if you start with a blank app, it sets up the user data and allows for easy database customization. Adding new elements like collections, relationships, and screens is made simple with Adalo's user-friendly interface.”

“We're a digital marketing and software agency focusing on making hybrid apps. Adalo fits perfectly with our workflow, and we love the brand's design. Our next steps are to integrate even more external resources,” adds Blaise.

UpCode’s approach is rooted in a software mindset. Hybrid app development using technologies like Ionic and Xamarin allows them to build once and deploy twice, making it more cost-effective for their clients. Adalo makes it possible to build one app and publish it everywhere – iOS, Android, and web!

Sharing his parting thoughts, Blaise said, “Adalo fits nicely into our workflow and the brand is clean and sleek, which aligns with our aesthetic approach. We're excited to work with Adalo and believe it's a great fit for us.”

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