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IAPHUB provides traditional developers with solutions for making in-app purchases easier to implement in native mobile apps. By providing dashboards, documentation, and direct integrations with Google and Apple’s app management systems, they make it easy to manage customers, products, subscriptions, notifications, and much more.

Great! But how can I use IAPHUB?

Ever wanted to let people subscribe to use your app so you can earn that sweet recurring revenue? What about creating paywalled content in your app or even just selling a single consumable item like credits or seats? IAPHUB has developed a suite of components to use in your Adalo apps that leverage their signature features to make adding and managing purchases and subscriptions through the app stores easier than ever.  With IAP you can:

  • Create paywalled content or areas of your app and update these paywalls without having to push an app update!

  • Automatically check to see if users still have an active subscription and user app experiences based on the result.

  • Allow your users to pay for purchases or subscriptions using their App Store or Google Play Store logins.

  • Create auto-renewing app subscriptions with varying timeframes, trial periods, and tiers and allow your users to seamlessly upgrade or downgrade between them.

The suite of components from IAPHUB brings robust in-app purchasing and subscriptions to Adalo so that you can finally monetize that app idea of yours! Stop worrying about integrating subscriptions. Focus on marketing and monitoring your revenue from IAPHUB’s analytics dashboard and CRM. Check out the video below for a brief overview of the IAPHUB components!

Components Overview

How Do I Use IAPHUB with Adalo?

The IAPHUB components can be found in the Adalo Component Marketplace and are completely free to install to Adalo.  Once installed, there are some important and specific setup steps so make sure the components are set up in the method described in IAPHUB’s help documentation. It’s also important to note that IAPHUB components only work for native mobile apps. For PWA or web apps, we recommend using Stripe Kit from the Adalo Marketplace instead.

To get started, you can check out the excellent help guides IAPHUB has prepared for you:

You can also check out the Adalo guide here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to use the IAPHUB components?

The IAPHUB components are free to download from the Adalo Marketplace, however the components use IAPHUB’s service, which is a separate, paid subscription.

Can I implement free trial periods?

Yes! You can create subscription products that offer free trials. The IAPHUB Paywall component supports this.

Can I test these components before they are live in my app?

Yes! You can work with “sandbox” subscriptions and purchases to test that your app and the components are working correctly before publishing your app. IAPHUB offers sandbox mode for free.

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