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About ClickSend

ClickSend is a business communication service that provides a variety of digital and online communication integrations such as SMS messaging, email, and even faxing services. With ClickSend’s SMS Component in the Adalo Marketplace, directly sending text messages of all kinds from your app is easier than ever.

Great! But how can I use ClickSend?

You can use SMS messaging in your app for a wide variety of purposes.  You can use SMS to send important information such as account notifications, two-factor SMS authentication and one-time login codes. You can also use SMS text messaging to re-engage app users after they’ve exited your Adalo application. 

Here are a few more ways you can make use of the ClickSend Adalo component in your apps:

  • Send SMS notifications from your app to your users, even when they are not using the app or have native push notifications turned off.

  • Use SMS for two-factor authentication codes so your user’s data stays secure.

  • Set up SMS notifications for booking confirmations, purchase receipts, appointment and task reminders and so much more.

  • Automatic SMS that you can set and forget. Have ClickSend push SMS messages from your Adalo app automatically so you can focus on building your no-code app business!

Set your SMS communications up to send from your app, every single time. ClickSend uses the most direct connections with carriers for near-instant SMS delivery and thousands of messages per minute. And the best part is that you only ever pay for the messages you send!

How Do I Use ClickSend with Adalo?

The ClickSend SMS components can be found in the Adalo Component Marketplace and are completely free to install to Adalo.  Once installed, you can place either the SMS One-time-password component or the SMS notifications component anywhere you like inside your Adalo apps. It works for both Native and Web apps!

To get started, you can check out the excellent help guides ClickSend has prepared for you:

Or, you can watch our in-depth video on how to set up and use these components to maximum effect inside your apps:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can I send?

ClickSend has numerous plans and packages to choose from that determine how many messages you can send from your app.

Does it cost anything to use the components?

The ClickSend components are free to download from the Adalo Marketplace, however the components use ClickSend, which is a separate paid service.

Can I personalize the phone number and messages that are sent?

Yes! You can personalize the messages right in Adalo with static values or Magic Text. The sending phone number can be changed by purchasing a dedicated number from ClickSend.

Can I send messages to a lot of users at once?

Unfortunately no, but this is because the ClickSend components are for transactional texts only, meaning that the messages are usually in response to an action taken inside your app. You’ll want to use ClickSend’s SMS Campaigns for marketing-related SMS, which users must opt in to receiving and are regulated more strictly.

Where can I send text messages to?

You can send SMS text messages worldwide.

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