Monetize Your Apps with IAPHUB

Collect payments for digital products sold in the app stores with the IAPHUB component

Monetize your apps
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Sell Digital Goods in the App Stores

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Perfect for any consumable or in-consumable product you’re selling.

From scratch subscription components

Custom Paywall

Create subscription purchases from scratch using a series of components

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Plug-and-Play Paywall


Build your subscription purchases with an out-of-the-box component

Easy in-app purchases

In-App Purchases are easy with IAPHUB

Adalo has partnered with IAPHUB to bring you easy-to-use, free components to create payment flows required by both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. Without In-App Purchase payment options, your app might not be allowed in the native app stores. In-App Purchase flows can be time consuming & difficult to set up, IAPHUB components make it a breeze.

All Types of Goods can be Purchased

Whether your product is consumable or in-consumable, you can use the IAPHUB components to achieve your in-app purchases. Similarly, create flows for one-time subscriptions or auto-renewing subscriptions. With six different customizable flows you can configure actions for successful or failed purchases, restored purchases, restored transactions, among other things.

Sell any type of good

Easy Publishing for Any Device


Health & Wellness

News & Weather Apps

Curate the latest news or weather forecasts in your app to keep your users informed

Food & Beverage

Finance & Crypto Apps

Connect to institutional level data with the latest in stocks & crypto


Entertainment & Game Apps

Interested in the funner things in life? Connect to fictional characters or movie listings

Professional Services

Photography Apps

Connect to free photo banks like Unsplash to curate beautiful imagery in seconds!
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What are In-App Purchases?

In-App Purchases (IAPs) are purchases made within a mobile application for additional digital content or features. They can include items such as virtual goods, premium content, subscriptions, and other services.

What IAPHUB component should I use?

Check out our documentation for some quick tips on how to determine which component will be best for what you’re selling.

Does it cost anything to use the IAPHUB components?

The IAPHUB components are free to download from the Adalo Marketplace, however the components use IAPHUB’s service, which is a separate, paid subscription.