Quero Vender - Sold

Quero Vender - Sold


Superbid is a Brazil-based business revolutionizing the auction marketplace by enabling the sale of over $800 million in goods through a secure and transparent platform. Their innovative self-service app empowers small businesses by enabling them to quickly auction their products at a fair price.

With the game-changing Quero Vender - Sold, Superbid is unlocking a new market of sellers, giving them the same benefits as large businesses to sell goods at fair market prices with ease and efficiency.

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$4 Billion
Gross Merchandise Volume
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Countries In Latin America
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Before the app

Meetings, phone calls, site visits, taking pictures… it took all this and more to list items for auction! While it was worth the effort for items of high volume and value, small businesses couldn’t access the same level of intervention.

The heavy, manual, time-consuming process for listing items to auction didn’t work for items in smaller quantities or of lower value.

An app to bridge the gap

To turn this manual process around quickly, an Adalo Expert built a slick, no-code app that streamlined the workflow, making it possible to list even small-ticket items on the marketplace. This helped Superbid unlock a new market of small businesses that could gain from their online marketplace and exposure. What used to take hours of back and forth communication now only takes a couple for minutes for the end users.

Workflow Improvements

Potential customers email in, and a meeting is scheduled for assessment. The Superbid team evaluates the items on-site. After verifying the information and taking pictures, the team communicates until a contract is signed and items are approved for auction. The team assesses prices based on data, and the items are listed for bidding.

Sign up on the app, complete the form and pictures, do your paperwork online, and get listed at fair market value for thousands of sellers to see!

We went from this 😒 ....

  • Back an forth emails and meetings
  • In-person product evaluations
  • Follow up visit to photograph products
  • Back and forth until the contract is signed
  • Products approved and price assessments
  • Products listed

... to this!  🤩

  • All previous operations handled through the app
  • Products approved
  • Products listed

Meet the makers 👋

People all around the world are using Adalo to create life-changing apps. Here are their stories of how they utilized Adalo and the Adalo Experts Program to achieve their goals!

“No-code platforms provide a fast and cost-effective way to test the waters and determine what works best - without relying on engineering teams. With the ability to scale easily, no-code platforms are a game-changer for businesses looking to innovate quickly."
Emerson Niide
Founder, Superbid

Adalo Expert Spotlight

"Working with an Adalo Expert means you get to learn on the go, and share ideas and knowledge with someone who knows the field. It's the best way to gain valuable insights into your product and how it works."

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