Create a Mobile App To Level Up Your Yoga Workouts

Customize our yoga training app with your content, and scale your business virtually


"Adalo is the best app builder I have ever found. It allows anyone to build their app idea within a day. I would recommend everyone to try this excellent app builder."

Shantanu Srivastava


The Yoga Training App

With our no-code app builder, we make it easy to schedule yoga workouts – simply add your content & schedule, and get started! This template includes:
Create custom yoga training programs
Track performance and activity
Go premium with paid plans
Create unique user profiles
Creating An App With No-Code
Choose a Template
Our templates have visual design and database connections to jumpstart your workflow.
Add Information
Begin building your database by adding information and creating relationships.
Launch To The World
Once you’re finished, launch your app in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store for the world to see!

Create Personalized Yoga Classes

Offer your clients programs tailored to their needs in just a click! Our app template lets you plug in instructional videos so you can train remotely.
Plug in your workout video content
Design paid programs
Add in YouTube or other instructional videos

Get Your Community Activated!

Yoga templates can help you keep your community of fitness enthusiasts engaged on the daily! Your app can reach them wherever they are with customizable workout plans.
Allow clients to subscribe to your programs
Track completed sessions
Upsell your offerings
Features Included In This Template
Adalo allows you to fully customize the template once you begin. Add, delete, or refine any of the features you need!
Create customized classes
Yoga class templates let you create your own class and program
Track completion
Stay up to date with your class’ performance
Book yoga classes
Yoga classes can be booked online in a click
Create profiles
Give your trainers unique profiles on the app template
Yoga training plans
Help your students level up with ongoing plans
Train virtually
Training videos help you train your students through easy help guides
Yoga Scheduling Apps Make It Easy To Get Started!
Workout Request for Personal Training
Create customized yoga workouts
Keep clients engaged with regular check-ins
Manage easy progress indicators
Personal Training Library of Videos
Plug in your training videos
Create client-specific training plans
Build your business with subscription plans
Book & Schedule Personal Training
Set a calendar for yoga sessions
Manage payments on the app
Keep communication going with direct messages
Not seeing the right template? We’ve got plenty!

Benefits of Adalo

Welcome to the World of No-Code
Easy, simple, & intuitive app builder
Dozens of customizable components
Extensive help docs, videos, & tutorials
Experts ready to help at any moment
Save thousands from traditional development
Extensive help docs, videos, & tutorials

Resources To Help Build The Best App Possible

Adalo Experts
Someone to help build your app for you
Help Docs
Step by step guides for those pesky little things...
Video Tutorials
Watch, listen, & learn on YouTube
Community Forum
Chat with experts and fellow app makers

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